Type of care at home


Type – evergreen shrub, member of the family Labiatae.

Homeland plants – tropical and subtropical Africa, Australia and Asia.

Leaf decorative appeal, easy care and fast growth are the key skills, which are valued plant.

This shrub, with opposite, entire, serrate at the edges of the leaves, emitting a pleasant fragrance, green quadrangular stem and small flowers. Flowers purple, mauve or white.

Type at home — tips on care

 Location and lighting

Shrub needs bright ambient light, while it is desirable to hide from the direct rays of the sun. Great importance is fresh air.

In the winter I set the type of fluorescent light, as insufficient lighting leads to loss of decorative appeal of the leaves.


For the normal development of the type of at home needed moderate temperatures. In summer, the room must maintain a temperature of 22 to 26°C.

If the temperature will exceed 26°C, the plant will quickly lose the lower leaves. In winter the plant enough temperature 12-14°C.

Watering and humidity

In summer irrigation is abundant. Shrub with fleshy leaves are very sensitive to iridescence. With cool content (in the winter) watering is significantly reduced.

If the room temperature is not above 20-22°C, humidity not so important. When the temperature of the air type in the home begins to lose moisture, so there is a need for spraying.


Plektrantus, however, like many plants, require special feeding. Feed the plant with mineral and organic fertilizers (constantly alternating) twice a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Young plectranthus at home are transplanted each year, adults — every 2 years. To carry out change is recommended in the spring.

The plant with a good root system, so it is suitable only for high pots, at the bottom of which need good drainage. Reproduction occurs through cuttings or dividing the Bush.

The type of pests and fight with them

Significant damage to the plant can be applied to spider mites, to get rid of it by using

type of care at home


In addition to this pest on young plants may appear mealybugs and aphids, in this case, it requires treatment with special medications.

If the type placed in a damp and cool room, there is a possibility of defeat downy mildew. Information with the presence of gray spots on the leaves.

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