Turmeric – description, cultivation and care

turmeric cultivation, care

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, likes bright diffused light, blooms from mid-summer to mid-autumn.

The optimum temperature for growing this plant +23- +25°C.

Loves moist air and abundant watering from March to October, in winter, the dormant period the soil occasionally slightly moistened.

Also from spring to autumn conduct a top dressing fertilizer of mineral and organic fertilizers.

Turmeric cultivation and care

A good place for cultivation of turmeric on the Windows on the East or West directions, as the plant does not like direct sunlight.

For the location of turmeric on the South side, you must ensure that diffuses the light or create the partial shade, but do not overdo it, in low light, the plant growth slows, flowering is worse.

In the summer it is advisable to bring this culture to the country, there are more favorable conditions for cultivation and care.

During vegetation spend feeding complex fertilizers depending on the soil conditions. In a poor land, fertilizers are applied 1 time per 14 days, rich 1 per month.

Generally for the cultivation of turmeric is used every year a new nutrient with a high content of vermicompost substrate. Capacity take shallow and wide, with drainage layer.

The plants are planted in prepared soil in March, the large tubers are divided. It is better to use a store-bought mix, but you can make your own. The composition of the earthen mixture for growing turmeric: humus, loam, sand, leaf mixture, all in equal parts.

Care of tubers minimum until germination maintained at a temperature of about +22°C, and provide irrigation as needed, so the ground was moist and good lighting.

As the sprouts grew up, they watered profusely. Also don’t forget about humidity and misting the leaves with soft water pooled.

The dormant period of curcuma starts after drying the aboveground shoots.

turmeric cultivation, care

The tubers are carefully removed, cleaned from the earth, and till March, placed in a box with slightly moistened sand until the next planting.

You can leave the plant in the substrate, but to monitor the condition of the tubers will be more difficult, and in the spring you still need to transplant the plants.

Winter care turmeric is almost not needed, just follow the moisture to the tubers dry out.

Storage temperature +15°C- +18°C. Some growers stored at +10°C, but for this we need to have a special room to maintain such conditions at home difficult to build.

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