Tulips name and description


Each variety of Tulip differs in plant height, ripening, as well as the shade of the flower and its form.

Despite what has already withdrawn about 5,000 different Beers, all of them divided into groups.

Making the right choice, you can create on your site a large number of flowers and colors during the warm season.


This group includes the varieties of tulips that bloom in early may. But this group is still divided into simple and double.

Simple early

Simple early variety of tulips is usually not high (25 to 40 cm). But despite the low growth, the tulips are very well exposed, especially when housing first rays of the sun. Blossoms simple tulips are very bright and mostly red or yellow.

Special beauty differs with the sort of «Cooler Cardinal». Often due to early flowering and vivid shades, this variety is being successfully implemented during the spring holidays. Ease of cleaning is another advantage of this species. Watering flowers should only be done when comes the exhausting drying.

Terry early

Terry Tulip head more lush, the inflorescence is painted in warm tones, although there are pale pink, and even white. These tulips are very nice in large pots and curb vysotkah. One of the popular varieties of the early Terry is «Murillo». This is a stunning flower which has many petals in a Bud.

Harmonious look of the tulips «Triumph» and «Telescope». These plants are about 30 cm in height with purple-red shade. Flowering occurs at the end of may, and during the next month this beauty will please owners with its elegance. Fertilizer and watering these varieties depends on weather conditions and characteristics of the specific area.

Parrot tulips

It is so unusual varieties of tulips, looking at them, seems like it might be the head of a Tulip, while the crest of a parrot. One of the most popular is «Comet», which is characterized by orange-red variety. The plant is tall, about 45 cm, but the bloom lasts for almost two months.

But to land this sort of need on a Sunny plot, because it is a very tender plant and should be protected from the not so favorable weather. Watering should be done only under the root and to feed regularly with fertilizers.


This is a special type, which gives the plot of tenderness and youth. To this group belong the varieties of tulips «spring green» and «Artist». At first the flowers are white with green veins, the head, and the second pink

Tulips name and description

green veins.

Flowering occurs from the end of may and lasts until the end of June. The flowers are not high ‒ about 30 cm plant Care is not complicated and consists in loosening the soil, watering and fertilizing. Already, many growers have planted on their own plots such varieties and are very happy.


It is no less amazing variety. For example, «ARMA» has a dark Burgundy color with a delicate fringed hem. To see the beauty of this plant, it is necessary to plant on the perimeter of the site, or create an original combination.

At one time it is difficult to list all varieties, but in short, there is still Liliaceae tulips, Rembrandt, darwinova hybrids, late, fosteriana. Endlessly surprised by the variety of tulips and continue to admire their beauty.

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