Tsissus — care at home


Worn in the apartment live cover of the branches of the vines that look like vines.

Is Cissus, and it is indeed sometimes referred to as «room grapes».

Apparently, because there is a plant on walls, ceilings and other surfaces through the spiral antennae.

But there Tsissus another popular nickname – «the birch» because of the similarity of its leaves of the same tree. And this fact makes vine all the more beloved in our area.

Tsissus — care tips plant

 Location and lighting

Tsissus loves «bathing» in sunlight, but it does not «tolerate» direct its rays. So the plant is better not to keep on the South windowsill, having defined it a place somewhere in the side of the window. The main thing is to have sufficient lighting.

In the summer (if possible) the creeper can move to the balcony or to relocate to a suburban area. But the plant should be so that it was always in the shade and away from drafts.


To high temperatures Cissus is easy. But the differences of «degree» of the plant is contraindicated, Liana can get sick from such fluctuations. Not like Cissus and low temperature.

Therefore, in the winter indoors, where it grows the vine, should maintain a comfortable environment: not below +18°C.

Watering and humidity

Tsissus plant requires moisture. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the premises sufficient humidity. In the hot season need daily spray the plant with warm water.

Soil moisture is also important for vines. In the period of active growth, this procedure should be carried out every 3 days. In winter – 1 time per week.


Tsissus very actively developed, so requires constant replenishment. Fertilize the plant should be every 7 days, starting from mid-spring to early autumn. Winter feeding should be avoided to halt the growth of plants.

As for organics Tsissus it is recommended to use all-purpose liquid fertilizer, diluted to the desired concentration.

Transplantation and propagation

Requirements for transplant Tsissus standard: juveniles – every year more Mature in 2-3 years. Each time a flower pot needs to be large in size, and lightweight, low acid ground – always fresh.

In early spring the apical branches of the vine be cut off for the formation of a more dense crown. The resulting cuttings can be used for plant propagation. Although Cissus propagated by cuttings at any time of the year.

Pests and fight with them

The main pests that annoy Tsissus – scale and spider mites. You can try to deal with them mechanically, removing the branches manually. But it does not always help.

How, in fact, spraying insecticides sometimes fail. In this case, the best option is trimming diseased branches-vines at the root.

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