Tsiperus — care at home


Any person who loves gardening after hearing the name «small palmochki» or «umbrella» immediately guessed what they say about Cyperus.

Homeland flower tropical and subtropical forests, it is a kind of grass-sedge.

Shoots resembling fountains, as rosettes of leaves having the form of umbrellas.

From the middle of the sockets diverge narrow and rather rigid long letters, their edges can cause injury.

This «little palm tree» — a great decoration for any interior, favorable conditions for the plants and proper care contribute to a strong growth of the flowers, causing it can turn into dense thickets.

Tsiperus — care at home

 Location and lighting

Best to plant bright space with ambient light, despite it adapts to the cultivation in shady areas.


In the warm period tsiperus in the home is kept at a temperature of from 18 to 22°C, in summer it is better to move to fresh air.

The plant can serve the role of not only a great decoration but also a nice decoration of a garden pond. In this case, it is placed in water without removing from the pot.

In winter, tsiperus , it is recommended to contain at lower temperatures, but not below 12°C. this is especially true of plants located in the lobby of the office or hallway.

Watering and humidity tsiperus

Important when watering to comply with one condition – the roots of the plants should always be moist. This is enough to put the pot in pots with water only so that the water only slightly covers the pot with a flower.

In winter, Cyperus need coolness, left moderate watering. For irrigation it is recommended to use soft water that is well protected. The plant contains high humidity conditions, therefore, need frequent spraying.


Tsiperus at home in spring and summer, fertilize 1-2 times per month. For feeding suitable complex fertilizer, for example «Kamiros».

Transplanting Cyperus and reproduction

Transplanting is carried out in the spring. To prepare the soil mix will need a leaf and humus soil, peat and sand (ratio 3:1:1:1). Also in the soil mix can be added charcoal and brick chips.


Propagated tsiperus in the home in several ways: by dividing the Bush, seeds and apical cuttings.

Pests Cyperus and fight with them

Attack of pests (mealy bug, spider mites flared, thrips and whiteflies) very rarely and then only in the event if the premises where grown the plant is too dry.

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