Tsiniya — planting and care

Tsiniya - planting and care

The velvet petals of different colors, gathered in large beautiful blossoms, is Tsiniya.

Caring for it is quite simple, which is very appreciated by vacationers.

Therefore, the cultivation of these bright colors in the garden will bring joy.

Methods of planting Zinnias

To breed this plant is not difficult, especially because planting Zinnias can be done in two ways. And already the cottagers to decide which is for them more acceptable.

  • Sowing seeds can be produced directly in the ground. And the first shoots will appear after about ten days, if from time to time watering the flower bed. But this method is recommended for southern regions, Zinnias low threshold of brittle fracture.


  • The seedling method is more acceptable – will help keep the ladder in an unexpected frost. Seeds pre-soaked in gauze or a cloth. When they germinate, a seed must be planted in a separate container (plastic beer mug, for example).


It is recommended to use an earth substrate for indoor plants. Once the seedlings reach the desired size, and on the street established a fairly warm temperature, Zinio can be transferred to a bed.

Survives well Tsiniya on light neutral soils. Although the loam for it is not a hindrance, but it is better to add then on a bed of humus and river sand.

Plant care

Planting Zinnias can be carried out in any area of the garden plot is the plant in this case is not fussy.

The plant will grow in shade, but still prefers bright sun. Therefore, Tsiniya will be a great decoration for any open piece of land.

This plant is perhaps one of the few that are able to withstand the hot weather. But it is provided that at least sometimes it is necessary to water the plants. And it should be done liberally. The best hours for watering the Zinnias this morning.

The optimum temperature for these flowers +25ºC. But the sharp decline in the plant perceive pain. Therefore, if early autumn is cool, Tsiniya can not endure cold nights.

If the soil at the site is poor in mineral components, flowerbed, where planted Tsiniya, should enrich

Tsiniya - care


Suit universal feeding for houseplants. But choose those with low content of nitrogen.

As you can see, Tsiniya self-care requires simple. But the more attention you show her, the more mood the flower will grant you.

After all, the bright, beautiful blossoms make the bed a very fun and festive.

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