Tree peony planting and care

Tree peony planting and care

Flowering shrubs tree peonies are not less attractive than the herbaceous peonies.

With proper planting and care of bushes reach five feet in height, the early summer covered with many large flowers, several decades safely grow in the same place.

Thanks to the beautiful foliage of the tree peony continues to serve as a decoration of the garden and after flowering, which lasts two to three weeks before the start of the summer.

The best time for planting is considered the fourth week of August. Choose such that some part of the day, the hive was in the shade.

Otherwise, under the influence of sunlight, burning the whole day, you lose the intensity of the color of flowers and leaves.

Rules of planting

Planting hole is prepared in advance. On raw land, closely spaced to the surface of the groundwater, need to dig a deeper hole, taking into account the thickness of the laying of the drainage layer.

The tree trunks round the tree peony in this case sprinkled above. This is done in order to protect the flower bed from the dampness that he can’t stand. In the pit cannot be filled with fresh manure.

In a heavy clay soil should add sand and humus. Useful will be the introduction of bone meal and sifted wood ash.

Also tuck soil in the landing pit complex mineral fertilizer. The soil mixture should have a slightly alkaline reaction.

To as quickly as possible to a blooming tree peony, best buy in the nursery of grafted seedling in the container has a closed root system.

If you bought own-rooted seedlings obtained by the method of rooting cuttings, the first flowering will have to wait three to four years.

The seedlings with closed roots planted by way of transfer to the center of the intended row of the circle, not buried root collar, watered and mulched.

If the roots open before planting should be dipped in clay mash.

Care rules

Shrub watered regularly, conduct shallow tillage and weeding. After irrigation, it is recommended to mulch tree trunks. At the age of three bushes begin to feed.

Nitrogen fertilizer you give the plant when laid the first buds. After 10 days, fed a phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Feeding is carried out after watering, strictly following the dosage given on the packaging of fertilizers.

These flowers are disease resistant, but sometimes they can be covered with Botrytis. In such cases the bushes are sprayed with a pink solution of potassium permanganate, after removing the decayed branches.

Before the onset of winter in the soil under the plants introduced wood ash. Although the tree peony is considered

Tree peony planting and care

cold resistance, better in the winter to fill the tree trunks of the Bush with a thick layer of mulch of sawdust or peat.

With the arrival of spring the shelter is removed. In the spring it is necessary to conduct sanitary pruning frozen and dry branches.

Experts also recommend to do the annual pruning of the tops of the branches 10 cm in adult plants. It stimulates a rich flowering.

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