Trap for horseflies, gadflies to give

trap for gadflies and horseflies

Many people buy cottages to relax in nature in the summer.

And often they choose not to garden associations in the city and in the countryside.

And in his country house, the citizens tend to spend more warm days.

That’s just their vacation in the village, often ruining insects.

And insects cause discomfort not only to the people.

Botflies, gadflies, mosquitoes cause a lot of discomfort and animal. They bite Pets, which gardeners took over the city.

And if from mosquitoes and ticks many know how to escape, how to protect themselves from the bites of horseflies and gadflies, they are not. Sprays, creams on these insects almost do not apply.

To reduce the number of biting insects in his suburban area, the cottagers need a trap dlakama, horseflies.

It is set in the garden and allows people to spend time outdoors, without fear of painful bites.

It would seem that this device looks very simple. But, nevertheless, it is very effective.

trap for gadflies and horseflies

Design traps for horseflies, gadflies is that it attracts insects. They feel that their potential victim so they fly into it, get into it and can’t get out.

But is it really worth seriously to combat insects and to buy a trap for horseflies, gadflies? It may be wise to suffer their bites, but not to buy specialized equipment?

Try to avoid insect bites is needed. The fact that they are not only painful. They can cause allergies, severe burning in damaged areas.

Sometimes the saliva of flies, trapped in a human body, can lead to a temperature increase even swelling of the lymph nodes. And this is can be very dangerous for people’s health.

They may need immediate medical help which is not always possible to get outside the city, the cottagers will have to interrupt your vacation and go to the city to visit a doctor.

trap for gadflies and horseflies

But better just to avoid such situations. And to avoid them will help trap horseflies, gadflies.

Moreover, a single device will suffice for a small suburban area. In many models the radius of action is up to one hectare.

Plots of many residents is much smaller. And, setting a trap near recreational areas, where most people enjoy spending time in your garden, you can completely protect yourself from dangerous and painful insect bites.

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