Transplanting large trees

transplanting large trees

Wares from large trees is an important element of landscape design.

This is especially true for new buildings and the places where it had previously been an unsightly vacant lot.

It is important not only to adhere to the required rules when transplanting trees, but also to provide adequate care for them.

Proper care of seedlings of large trees should avoid the negative consequences that are possible when moving plants from one place to another.

Broken the functions of life must be carefully and accurately restored. Note that the most vulnerable period is the first year after the transplant produced.

Most often the possible violations relate to the root system of the tree. This happens even in the case of thorough instructions for the transplant.

The roots should be given special attention. For this plant must be systematically watered, taking into account the time of transplant, soil type and species of each tree.

In addition, watering should be adjusted according to factors such as weather conditions. For example, planted in winter the wood is saturated with water for not more than twelve times in the whole growing period.

On the other hand, with abundant rainfall the frequency of watering can be reduced to seven.

On the other hand, in the first weeks after transplanting the tree needs fertilizing without taking into account the intensity of rainfall. This is especially true of dry periods.

But here we must consider that a continuous flow can significantly damage the fragile root system. Water the plants best in the morning, to eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

If this is not possible, the next watering should be done only after six o’clock in the evening. The water should be at room temperature, because in this case, the soil will be more willing to give nutritive substances.

To achieve greater effect, you can add biostimulants. The next year after planting the tree should be sprayed with water to remove dirt and dust.

During this period, they need intensive mineral supplements, which use solutions of potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate and superphosphates.

This procedure can be repeated next year, because usually the trees take root from two to three years.

In the case that the growth of the shoots slows down, and the branches appears pale sheets, is to call a specialist and to act according to its recommendations.

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