Traditional sauna-heater: secrets furnishing

oven stove

Today, modern equipment for the construction of baths differs from the monumental buildings in the Russian baths of yesteryear.

Bath stoves, have become more compact, more functional, have an ergonomic design.

However, many still prefer the construction of a bath from the classic, fundamental stone as a tribute to tradition or nostalgia, «in those days».

The Foundation of such heater has reached tons, and established «forever».

No wonder this heater is called the heart of bath. She, hot and new mother pairs, is the Foundation of any bathroom structure. Traditional oven of the heater consisted of several elements:

  • the firebox, which was the fuel to maintain the temperature in the bath and heating the stones. This is the main part of the heater, the brick side walls of which shall be not less than 12 inches in thickness.

Needless to say, for the construction of baths with traditional stove, the brick should be fire resistant.

  • — grate covering the firebox side view;


Grate (grate) — what is it? This cast-iron fence, the purpose of which is to maintain a layer of solid fuel.

The grate has holes or slots through which the grate flaking ash. Furnace casting SVT offers a high-strength grate.

  • — the ash pan, located under the firebox. The ashtray falling products of combustion of the fuel – that is, ash. In addition, through the ash pan adjusts the air supply.

There are sealed hatches for ash and leaking. You can also choose the ashpit on the left or the right door. The cost depends on the size and manufacturer.

  • — furnace door;

Furnace doors in heaters, especially if we are talking about the furnace for a bath, is experiencing the greatest thermal load.

  • — the ash-pit door, the purpose of which is to regulate the flow of air into the ash pan. Regulation is necessary in order to make the fuel burn evenly and completely. The ash-pit door is located directly under the furnace.
  • — the chimney.

Harvia offers a chimney with a diameter of 115 mm, universal, basic module, isolated part is 1.5 m.

Outer jacket and inner tube, made of stainless steel, ensure durability of the product a beautiful appearance.

The construction of the baths described above, the heater must meet the basic requirement: not getting smoke from the furnace to the steam room.

With a huge temperature smoke can cause serious irritation when inhaled. It is therefore recommended to entrust the construction of the heater, as well as the installation of modern bath hardware and interior trim specialists with years of experience in this field.

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