Tradescantia — care at home


Tradescantia is the most versatile houseplant that is easy to grow even for a novice.

It belongs to the family Komlinovic and grows naturally in tropical and subtropical regions of South America.

This beautiful plant has a climb or shoots straight and is very often grown as a hanging plant.

In the indoor horticulture used over 60 species of tradescantia with a variety of leaf color, ranging from light green to dark purple with light streaks.

Tradescantia — care at home

 Location and lighting

Because of its simplicity, tradescantia can grow in any place of the room, even in a dark bathroom, but prefers a Sunny southern window. It is recommended to place the plant in locations with good air circulation.

In the summer of tradescantia can and should be taken on the balcony or take to the cottage, but avoid direct sunlight that can easily burn the tender leaves of tradescantia.


Tradescantia at home does not like extreme heat, so during the summer months, the optimum temperature is considered + 20 — 22°C; On hot days it is recommended to place the plant in the shade.

The winter temperature for the normal development of tradescantia should not be below +10°C; In apartments with hot batteries, it should be place it away from heat sources. The most optimum variant – insulated balcony or winter garden.

Watering and humidity

Tradescantia likes the glaze. In the spring and summer, the upper soil ball should not be dry, especially in the hot season, otherwise the leaves will quickly begin to dry and lose their decorative effect. In winter, watering is doing more moderate. Enough two once a month for the normal development of plants.

Hot dry air is recommended to regularly spray the plants with water. Well tradescantia responds to a warm shower and wiping leaves with a damp sponge. This is done as the removal of dust from the leaves.

Fertilizer spiderwort

In spring and summer, tradescantia at home needs feeding with mineral and organic fertilizers. Enough to do it 2 times a month. Winter and fall fertilizing this houseplant should not be pursued.

As feed is used any complex fertilizer for indoor plants that are accommodating sellers any flower shop will offer you a big range. Fertilize must be strictly in accordance with instructions for use.

Transplantation and propagation

Tradescantia early spring should be transplanted annually because of strong expansion in a pot larger.

As a primer you can use any soil, even from the garden or garden. During the year the plant loses its decorative and it is necessary every spring a good crop.

This houseplant perfectly reproduces the cut stalks. Placed in water or planted directly in moist soil. A couple of weeks tradescantia takes root and survives. Can tradescantia in home conditions propagated by dividing the Bush.

Pests tradescantia and fight with them

The most common pests attacking tradescantia, is a spider


mite and scale insects.

With a small extent of injury, the plant can be treated with a soap solution. Especially carefully it is necessary to wipe all the leaves.

In severe cases insecticides type Actellic, Malathion or Actar. To apply the drugs should be strictly according to instructions.

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