Tomato varieties for the greenhouse

Tomato varieties for the greenhouse

More and more gardeners who grow vegetable crops, try to arrange their plots with greenhouses.

This gives you the opportunity to have fresh vegetables at any time of the year.

So now grown in greenhouses not only the seedling culture can be indoors from the beginning of planting seeds to harvesting of the crop.

Tomatoes can be attributed to the vegetable greenhouse «classic». Therefore, the selectors specially developed varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse.

Seasonal features

The tomatoes in the closed ground you can grow in 2 turns: mid-winter July (winter-spring cycle), and from mid-summer to late November (summer-autumn turnover).

Each period has its own specifics of farming. Also varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses based on «your» cycle.

  • In the winter-spring crop rotation involves tomato varieties (and their hybrids), which are able to give a good ovary at low (winter) light).


  • For summer-autumn cultivation of suitable varieties of tomatoes that can be used outdoors. Here, the best are «Contine improved» and «Moscow autumn», and «hybrids Winmon», «Carlson» and «Swallow».


Varieties of tomatoes for winter greenhouses

If you are going to grow in the winter greenhouse culture, try to pick the right kind. If you happen to come across light-requiring culture, Bush not only will not yield – he might completely wither away.

Varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse in winter resistant to such diseases as verticales, cladosporiosis, fusariosis, mosaic.

A sort of «trust» is able to confront and root rot. «Adonis» (a rather tall shrub resistant to root-knot nematode.

  • Sometimes in heated greenhouses there are extreme situations. And they were most prepared the following varieties of tomatoes: «Jenaro», «Mar» and «Adonis».


  • A sort of «Ramsay» not only complains about the lack of lighting, but also endures the increased heat and dryness.


Varieties of tomatoes for summer greenhouses

For growing in greenhouses during the summer period choose mostly compact bushes of tomatoes. But it’s good

Tomato varieties for the greenhouse

develop there, and tall varieties (e.g., «Weinman»).

Unlike winter varieties, summer more branching («Richey»), and produce large juicy fruits («Bureau»).

Summer varieties of tomatoes for the greenhouse is resistant to brown spot, nematodes and others typical of the culture and diseases.

In the summer-autumn period, we try to grow tomatoes with different ripening from mid-season to medium late («Find»).

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