Tomato varieties for Siberia

Tomato varieties for Siberia

Today there are many varieties of tomatoes, but need certain growing conditions and care.

It is interesting that in Siberia it is possible to plant many types of variety of tomatoes and can be harvested no worse than in other regions, and even better.

Be sure to consider the seasonal freezing and frequent changes in temperature, so you need to choose early-maturing varieties with high yield.

Tomato varieties for Siberia

One of the most popular tomato varieties is beef heart. Mid-season large fruit, the Bush grows tall and powerful, it requires a garter.

The red fruits are very juicy, sweet, fleshy with a thin skin. Perfect for salads or eating fresh.

The following varieties of Gin will be a great option for pickling. Middle-ripening, growing on low bushes. The fruits are oblong, rounded, red in color with dense, delicious flesh.

Suitable for outdoor planting or temporarily covered with film plots. One of the modern varieties that can be stored fresh.

Altai early variety will enjoy the fruits for three months. Early maturing, with a large percentage of yield, has ploskookrugloy form. The fruits reach a weight of 120 to 350 g. Very tasty, juicy pulp.

Lovers of meaty tomatoes of suitable variety Alsu. Large, matte red fruits have excellent flavor and can weigh up to 800 g. Provide an excellent harvest, as in the closed and open soil, from 8 to 9 kg per square meter.

One of the hardier varieties Dubok is a small slightly branched bushes. The fruits ripen in 2.5-3 months, weighing from 50 to 120g. The sour-sweet taste, the flesh is meaty, dense. The variety is very resistant to late blight. Perfect for canning.

For greenhouse planting suitable tomato Golden Queen. Mid-ripening variety with high shrub (1-2 m), pushed seeds into the soil or seedlings. Loves light and warmth. Has a small fruit of orange color in the form of a plum. Ideal for conservation.

May early variety will appreciate its fruit in 80-90 days. Suitable for planting in the open ground. The fruit is small, round shape. Very tasty fresh, but suitable for pickling.

Diet suitable grade Honey Saved. Medium early, with large thick fruits up to 400 g of a bright orange color. Has a nice, mild sweet with a little sour taste. The yield is high and stable.

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