Tomato varieties for open ground


  • 1. Classification of tomatoes
  • 2. Which tomatoes are suitable for open ground
  • 3. Varieties of tomatoes for ripening

Tomato varieties for open ground

For our continent this culture is relatively young.

Despite the fact that the «big pit» was brought from America by Columbus, the taste of tomato was evaluated much later.

The thing is «nepotism» — tomatoes (another name for the vegetable) belong to the Solanaceae, and they are mostly poisonous.

First in Europe, who appreciated the tomatoes, were the Italians, calling the fruit «the Golden Apple».

Now this culture is one of the favorite breeders. Already withdrawn tens of thousands of different varieties of tomatoes for both closed and open soil, as well as hybrids that have a regionalized focus.

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Classification of tomatoes

Buying tomato varieties for open ground, first of all pay attention to culture intended for this region or not.

This will depend not only on the quantity and quality of the harvest and the survival rate of tomatoes in the garden.

All varieties of culture are divided into groups:

  • structure of Stam (solid stem), nextmove (slender, stem ascending), potato;
  • the height of the Bush – Slavovitsa Nicolosi (determinant), a short, with 3 branches (superdeterminant), tall 10 brush (semi-determinant), with unlimited growth (indeterminate);
  • on purpose – sauce, dessert, salad, for preservation.

Share another tomato varieties for open ground film and greenhouse. Among each group there is a classification for transportable and non-transportable varieties (the first is grown mainly for sale).

All tomato varieties are distinguished and the time of ripening very early, early, mid, medium late and late.

If you pick up seeds with different timing of fruiting, harvest can be throughout the summer.

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Which tomatoes are suitable for open ground

When the question, which one is suitable tomato varieties for open ground, pay attention to the ripening period.

Late-ripening varieties in some regions may simply not have time to ripen before frost, so they should not be planted in open ground.

The method of cultivation also affects the height and branching of a Bush.

  • Despite the fact that indeterminate varieties produce large yields, but in the open ground with such bushes can be difficult.
  • Predeterminedly do not use outdoors.
  • But superdeterminant, though given the low yields, are early maturing varieties. So their low bushes feel good in the open field.
  • For the determinant type is characterized by compact erect bushes with a stout trunk. These varieties are the best for open ground.

Buying tomato seeds, you need to carefully read the description on the packaging, paying attention to the dates on branching on regionality, on the suitability of varieties for unprotected cultivation.

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Varieties of tomatoes for ripening

This culture relates to heat-loving plants – even the temperature of +15°With it is poorly tolerated.

So most of the varieties grown or under covers or in greenhouses. But there are tomatoes that feel comfortable in the open field.

Extra-early and early varieties

  • «White filling 241» has orange-red oblong fruits weighing 100-130 g. Low kaboutwidget bushes yield up to 8 kg per 1 sq. m.
  • «Clay Gribovsky 1180» has a rich red smooth round fruits weighing up to 90 tolerates temporary drought and resistant to cold.
  • «Talalikhin 186» red-orange fruits are smooth, flat-round, feebly ridged base. Mature together and with the weight of the fetus in 100 g to give a yield of about 6 kg per sq. m.

 Middle-ripening varieties of tomatoes

  • «Yellow ball» was named by the color of the fruit reach a weight of 160 g. the Bushes are a group of high indeterminate.
  • «The victory of 165» has slabovetvyaschiysya low shrub with fruits that reach 130 g. With normal care culture gives to 5.5 kg per 1 sq. m. Tomato varieties for open ground

Late maturing varieties are increasingly grown in greenhouses, as the harvesting in the cool days of autumn.

Although among this group can be identified for the open-ground variety is «Orange». Its fleshy fruit is orange in color reminiscent of this fragrant citrus.

On branchy bushes with unlimited growth can collect up to 5 kg from 1 sq. m. the fruits can reach a weight of 230 g.


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