Tolmie care at home


Tolmie is a very interesting houseplant, belongs to the family Saxifrage.

In their homeland, in North America, grows as a groundcover perennial.

Leaves from tolmie small, heart-shaped with serrated edges. Their covers a little fluff. The color is bright green with yellow highlights.

Different this houseplant is one rare property, thanks to which the plant received the name of «thousand mothers».

At the base of the adult leaf there are new little plants with developed leaves.

After a fairly short time, they formed small roots, and young plants just disappear. In nature, due to this property, lawn with tolmiei grow very quickly and cover quite a large area.

Tolmie care at home

 Location and lighting

Tamiu can be grown as a groundcover and as a hanging plant, hanging pots. Prefers to be on the South or West Windows.

In the summer you should protect the plant from direct sunlight, to prevent burns and yellowing leaves.

This flower loves the light. Its beautiful variegation especially clearly manifested in good light. Easy dolma will take and the shading, but the color will be bright green, without variegation.


Tolma at home does not tolerate heat. For its normal development enough temperature +20°C; day and +10°C; night.

In tropical areas the plant is strongly stretched and lose their decorative effect. Therefore, it should be regularly trimmed.

To ensure a normal temperature in winter, tolmie advisable to keep insulated on the balcony or in the cool of the apartment.

Tolmie watering and humidity

Tolmie like irrigation. The upper soil ball should be kept moist, otherwise the tips of the leaves begin to wither and fall.

In the summer it is recommended to water 2 times a week, in winter, watering is reduced. Enough to water 1 time in ten days.

High humidity is very important for this plant. To maintain it you must use a tray of wet pebbles or expanded clay. Very tolmie responds well to spraying.

Fertilizer tolmie

The flower does not require frequent fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Here the principle of «do No harm!».

You should fertilize in spring and summer, 1 time per month. Sufficient half doses of complex fertilizer for houseplants.

In case of overdose, the plant begins to drop leaves and may even die due to excessive sensitivity of the root system.

Transplantation and reproduction of tolmie

Due to rapid growth, tamiu at home need to replant every year in a pot a little larger. For this purpose, the universal soil soil for potted plants from the store.

Well propagated by dividing the Bush or small peeling descendants. You can easily root the normal sheet in the water or direct planting into the ground.

Soon, near the old leaves will grow small arm, take root, and the old yellow leaves can be removed.

Tolmie pests and fight with them

Tolmie not liked all sorts of sucking and chewing pests. But maybe

Tolmie care at home

to attack schitovki, spider mite and mealybug.

To kill pests insecticides broad-spectrum. Dilute working composition should be strictly according to instructions. Don’t forget to use personal protective equipment.

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