Toilet for cottages

toilet for cottages

Wherever we were, the toilet is one of the most important rooms.

How to build a toilet at the cottage and where to start, not every aspiring vacationer can answer.

So we decided to come to the rescue and tell the progress of construction of suburban toilet.

Of course, to begin construction of the toilet with the choice of the place. To ensure that the water in the suburban area is not polluted, we need to step back to thirty yards from the well.

Also take into account the point that the smell from the toilet came to the house or gazebo at the cottage. As for cesspools country toilets, they should be qualitatively isolated.

Now we need to determine the depth of the pit. If, for example you want the toilet type play-closet, its depth should be not less than two and a half meters.

If the depth of the pits is less so better to build a powder-closet. In principle, the toilet type powder-closet, you can build even close to home. Explain why.

For such a toilet septic tank not needed. Just under the toilet seat set waterproof capacity, which translates as the filling.

As for the size, it should not be less than the size of the meter and forty-four feet. To build such a toilet for the garden, you need to prepare the props out from wooden or concrete columns.

Then it is necessary to bury four asbestos-cement pipe about fifty – sixty centimeters.

Next on the pipe to install the support poles and cover them with mortar of cement and sand.

Rear frame need to make two holes, one for ventilation and one for cleaning the toilet.

The roof will be good to make a lean-to, and can be covered with roofing material of your choice.

In the toilets you have to place the box with the filling of ash or sawdust after each visit to sprinkle filth of the toilet.

Well, if you have the possibility of a periodic cleaning

toilet for cottages

the sump, you can build a toilet Luft closet.

This toilet looks like an ordinary village toilet with a cesspool. The size of the pit we have mentioned above.

To clean this toilet has performed better, it is built on a slant to the hatch.

The bottom and walls of the toilet should be finished with brick or concrete, to prevent spillage of sewage into the ground.

Then, throughout the height of the pit should be covered with a layer of clay of twenty or twenty-five centimeters.

As for ventilation, it is very normal. To play channel, you must attach a ceramic or asbestos cement vent pipe.

The diameter should be approximately one hundred to one hundred fifty millimeters. For strength and quality, it should be noted that all connections were tight.

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