Tips on cultivation of sea buckthorn in the garden

the cultivation of sea buckthorn

The fruits of sea buckthorn have useful properties and not so long ago among gardeners, this plant enjoyed wide popularity.

Over time, the demand began to subside, someone did not want to contact someone not caught on the trees and they removed this culture, someone alerted the complexity of growing sea buckthorn.

But still, many have overcome all difficulties and enjoy the beautiful fruit.

The farming of sea buckthorn in the garden

In most cases, the gardens were to be found ineligible varieties. Basically it is a tall tree with small fruits and just a large number of spines, besides growing alone.

The buckthorn plant are dioecious and are pollinated by wind, so it is necessary to plant at least 2-3 of the seedling, one of whom must be male.

The plot is sea buckthorn you should choose Sunny, with a light fertile soil. It is desirable that in the vicinity were not tall trees, the shadows she loves, even die.

Watering must be regularly and abundantly, especially in dry summer, then the sea buckthorn will feel comfortable.

If the area has heavy soil, for the cultivation of sea buckthorn, it is necessary to prepare the holes well filled with peat, sand and humus. As already mentioned, the soil should be with good permeability to air and water.

Frosts these plants is not terrible, withstanding up to-50 ° C., although male specimens are less resistant. They often freeze slightly flower buds. Heat is also well tolerated, but if the air is humid.

sea buckthorn - male kidney

In the garden sea-buckthorn is best grown under two schemes. The first square on the corners of the perimeter are planted 4 female seedlings at a distance of 4 meters, and in the middle of the 1-2 men.

In the second scheme produce planting a circle of 5-6 trees with a radius of 2.5 meters. In the middle of the circle and 2 male plants.

Landing can be carried out equally in spring and autumn. Dig holes 50x50cm. On heavy soils the root neck deepened 3-5 cm and on light to 6-8cm.

The seedlings of sea-buckthorn should be in the upright position to the root system developed evenly and not one side.

Since the roots of this culture surface, the area under cultivation of sea-buckthorn can

sea buckthorn - female specimens

mulch, then there will be less to appear overgrown.

If the culture is not to care and let things take their course, plot a few seasons can turn into thickets.

As fertilizing, you need to use phosphorous and potash fertilizers. Nitrogen make 3 times per season.

Organic — a good feed with manure at the rate of 4 kg per 1 sq. m.

At the place of emergence of seedlings, carefully atrebate the soil and evenly cut, not to leave even a small stump. If off with a hoe or shovel, then provoke the emergence of new shoots.

The fruits of sea buckthorn ripen in August – September, have orange color in different shades.

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