Thunbergia care at home


The plants is not only a part of the interior. Many refer to the colors as Pets, grooming and nurturing them.

Pay special attention to those plants that bloom round the year (with certain care), producing beautiful fragrant buds.

And among these favorites – lianopodobnyh Thunbergia.

Thunbergia care at home

 Location and lighting

As thunbergia in house conditions reaches significant size, it is mainly grown in the outdoors or kept in the Conservatory. But you can place the plant in a spacious room, giving him the ability to walk.

The room where it will live thunbergia should be well lit. But direct sunlight is not desirable, the plant may get burned.


Thunbergia’s Asian, so he prefers room temperature. But it is desirable that the room is well ventilated. That is, should establish the plant conditions close to natural.

In winter the temperature range is best to keep in the range of 10°-15° Celsius, trying to slow the growth of plants.

Watering of thunbergii and humidity

To thunbergia at home was pleased with its bright colors, it should be regularly «water», avoiding drying of the soil. In the winter, and in between watering of flowering thunbergii limit.

By keeping the room warm, the air is better not to overdry. Therefore, the best option is to install a room humidifier, which include at least once a day.

Fertilizer Thunberg

With good care thunbergia is growing quickly, so the root system is often not enough of those mineral components in the earthen substrate.

The entire period of active development of the plants need to be fed regularly with an organic fertilizer (1 per month). In winter, fertilizing should be deleted.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant Thunberg at home – troublesome, and this should be done every spring. With young individuals to execute it is simple.

But when the vine is growing, some growers of indoor conditions peredoziruet of thunbergii for permanent residence in the open ground. Instead, give birth to a new plant.

Propagated by vine cuttings or from the adult, or the seeds are sown, gathered after flowering. But the second option is a long process and requires patience.

Pests Thunberg and fight with them


Scale insects, spider mites, whitefly – frequent «guests» on Thunberg.

Fight them with conventional methods, by treating the plant with insecticidal solutions.

But you don’t have to resort to chemical compositions, and walk the vine regular kerosene, which is then washed off with warm water.

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