Thuja Brabant — planting and care

Thuja Brabant

Among gardeners there is more and more lovers of coniferous plants, among which the popular leaders of the TUI.

Whether it’s a stately pyramidal trees, or almost trail along the ground bushes, all of them are a real decoration of the garden plots.

Among the most common tall varieties can be distinguished thuja Brabant, which reaches 20 meters in height.

Dark green «column» with a dense conical crown, not to care, but, nevertheless, more comfortable feel on loam with wet conditions.

Planting arborvitae Brabant

The columnar beauties represent the magical green hedge, if you plant a group of trees on the perimeter of the site.

The distance between them must be approximately 0.7-1 m. Thuja Brabant very quickly reaches adult size, different from other varieties. During the year the gain is 40 cm in height.

Wide the plant adds 10 cm, and in the adult period, the girth of TUI reach 4 m.

Culture is not demanding to the choice of the place, so no matter it is Sunny or shaded area. But drafts should be avoided. No matter the time of planting – it may be early fall and mid-spring.

The depth of pits for planting arborvitae is selected based on the size of the clod of earth from the root system. On the average it turns out about 70 cm.

Regardless of the season, after planting in the ground it should be watered abundantly during the month, bringing under each tree at least 10 l of water with a frequency of 1 time per week.

If the year was dry and this rate should be increased in 1,5-2 times.

Care of thuja Brabant

As mentioned above, thuja Brabant low maintenance. Its only advantage is high humidity. Therefore, the main condition care culture just is regular watering.

If planting plants produced in the spring, weekly watering of arborvitae are held until the autumn. When autumn planting crops with irrigation can be limited to the first month, and then to rely on the climatic conditions.

This would be sufficient to tree-rooted.

You need to take care of winter plants (especially in the first year of life). As a young thuja Brabant is still relatively weak seedling (especially in the autumn planting), you will have to insulate for the winter her roots, using mulching grass, sawdust in tree trunks.

Requires shelter and the tree itself, and not only from frost – as the growth of branches of this arborvitae is directed upwards, under the weight of snow shoots can break.

Thuja Brabant

In the spring the tree will again begin their active growth, making green the fence even tighter. From this period we can begin to provide Thue decorative appearance.

In the special scraps of branches plant does not need, but to create out of it an intricate figure of some animal, while still a sapling.

It will be interesting to look and crown spherical, providing «live» fence unusual appearance.

And as the culture grows fast enough, trim the hedge, have a few times per season to keep the graceful decorative effect.

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