Thrips – methods of fighting


Thrips are small insects that cause enormous damage to plants on which they settle.

Some thrips are destroying ovaries and inflorescences completely kill some plants by sucking the juice from them.

In addition, they are able to destroy plants, these are pests and carry disease to healthy flowers.

Gardeners who are faced with these garden pests, like no one understands – the fight against thrips is needed.

These insects can move quickly and slowly depending on species. A colony of them looks like a silver bloom on the plant.

Most insects live in flowers, feed or nectar, or fiber, of the ovaries and peduncles.

Thrips lay eggs on the leaves and in a week or a little more with them vyluplivajutsja larva. The larva in turn turns into an adult insect in about a month.

Striking leaves and flowers, these pests spoil the decorative appearance of the plants. If the ground is closed, the thrips can live and breed there throughout the year.

Leaves affected with thrips discolor. They become visible brown spots and the affected areas have silver shade.

Gradually the leaves wither away. Basically, they are striking exotic plants.

To prevent these pests will help regular reviews of leaves and inflorescences and hanging sticky traps blue and yellow colors.

If the plant is already infected, then transplant it in new soil and wash the roots. Organize the plants a shower once a week. Thrips can not stand humid air.

It is better to use preparations — insecticides as «Intair», «Fitoverm», «Malathion», «Karate». But you can

the fight against thrips

of course, to use folk remedies. For example, to treat the plant extract of garlic or of onion peel.

But if the plant can not spray, you can put it under a glass or a bowl with finely chopped garlic and cover with a bag of polyethylene. Too bad helps.

In 1 liter of warm water add 50-60g. crushed marigolds. Drain and spray through for 3 days.

Crush 40-50g of dandelion roots, then pour 1 liter of water. After 4-5hours, you can handle the plants.

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