The wireworm – how to remove


The most elusive and dangerous pest of potatoes is the wireworm.

He is big waste when cleaning the potatoes, as the tuber is pierced.

Besides, the damaged harvest is poorly stored and easy to bacterial and fungal diseases.

These potato pests also feed on sprouting and sprout changes of various garden plants.

Because of the actions of wireworms killed many vegetable crops, which negatively affects the quantity and quality of the crop.

Called wireworms the larvae of click beetles. They are easily distinguished from other larvae by a solid body, at length they reach up to 45 mm.

The body color can be various-from yellow to dark brown. The development of the larvae of wireworms, depending on the look lasts 2-5 years. In winter the larvae are buried to a depth of 50 cm.

The most dangerous pests for gardens are representatives of the genera «Additionally», «Selatosomus» and «Agriotes». The greatest harm wireworms cause potatoes and grapes.

How to get rid of wireworms

There are two main methods of combating wireworms: agrotechnical and chemical.

Agrotechnical method allows for 3 years to reduce the number of pests up to 90%, it involves digging the land before the onset of frost. The deeper the digging, the greater the number of wireworms will die from the cold.

In the spring before planting potatoes is carried out surface digging the land with the careful removal of weeds by the roots, especially chicken millet and Pyra creeping.

A week before landing in a potato field can make small holes that fill from grass, and the top covered with plywood.

After 2-3 days, bait discovery, and grass with larvae present burn. Operation efficiency can be repeated several times.

In late may, early June, it is desirable to carry out surface cultivation of the soil. This procedure contributes to the destruction of egg clutches of click beetles, in the sun they die.

Also quite effective in dealing with wireworm and other pests is the correct one

The wireworm – how to remove

crop rotation of vegetable crops.

Chemical method should be used because along with the pests will be killed and beneficial microorganisms, as well as the necessary garden earthworms.

Besides will increase pesticide load on the soil, which can badly affect human health.

If you still decided to fight wireworm through chemistry, better use of special drugs such as «Promotex». While planting potatoes, place the granules in the holes in the RA standing 5cm from the tubers.

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