The wine is plum — recipes for home winemaking

Wine from plums

Homemade wine can be called the most beneficial alcoholic beverage. They are made from all fruit and berry fruit.

While the core technology is almost always the same and has some nuances associated with the specifics of culture.

Wine from plums

As, for example, is the case with plum. Due to the fact that the composition of the fruit contains large amount of pectins require a little more extra stage – the clarification of wine.

Everything else is done according to the rules of home winemaking.

Description of the process

The process of making fruit wine from plums can be divided into several main stages:the first Stage – preparation sink. Overripe fruit (not washed!) spread Padalitsa 2 days in the sun. Then remove the bones. But fans of «pointilliste» can use them.

The second stage is the preparation of juice. The fruit needs to be turned into mashed potatoes in any convenient way. The resulting mixture was filtered through a cheesecloth or fine-meshed colander.

The third stage is fermentation. The resulting juice is poured into tanks for fermentation. But first, it needs to turn into the wort. And to this juice add a certain amount of sugar and (optionally) acid, tannic and tartaric.

It is better to take for the fermentation bottles: they’re easier to put under water seal, and more convenient to watch the process.

Periodically, the mass should be mixed (to stimulate the release of carbon dioxide).

The fourth stage is the maturing of wine from the plums. Sign of the willingness of the drink is its transparency. Pectin-the same substance plum fruits have generousity properties.

And so the process of full clarification of wine may take up to 2 years. Although are still immature drink (turbidity) in taste parameters is not worse vastaavassa.

Artificial lighting fault

Lighten the slyv’yanka possible and in a shorter time. If you resort to small cunning folk, this stage will take time less than a month.

Necessary but subsidiary component of egg protein, fish glue, tannin. Although better just clears gelatin.

Bag enough product per 100 liters of drink. Gelatin pour cold water (for

wine from plums

usual recipe) and incubated for 24 hours.

During this time the water should be changed 3 times. Then, the swollen product is diluted with warm wine, and pour the bulk of the plum brandy called slivovica. Once the haze settles to the bottom, the drink is filtered.


Of plums cooked in wine. All depends not only on who took the fruit (yellow or mirabelle; the greengage or Hungarian), but also on the amount of sugar and added acid.

Therefore, the variety of recipes wines from plums can be summarized in the following table:

wines plum varieties The amount of sugar per 100 liters of wine The amount of tannic acid per 100 liters of wine The quantity of tartaric acid per 100 liters of wine
Light table Hungarian, Renclod, Mirabelle 10 kg3 kg g0 87,5 g 0 g0 g
Sturdy table Hungarian, Mirabelle Plums Greengage kg11 22,5 kg 125 g22,5 m 0 g0 g
Durable Hungarian, Mirabelle Plums Greengage 31,5 kg29,5 kg 225 g g250 225 g g400
Dessert Hungarian, Mirabelle Plums Greengage 29 kg35,5 kg g350 187,5 g 225 g g180
Liqueur Hungarian, Mirabelle Plums Greengage 29 kg71,5 kg 212,5 g375 g 620 g750 g

100 liters of plum brandy called slivovica out of 125 liters of wort.

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