The viburnum leaf beetle — methods of fighting

The viburnum leaf beetle

The representative of Coleoptera of the family Chrysomelidae.

This pest feeds and develops exclusively on Kalina, so he is well known only to the gardeners, in gardens which grow the berry bushes.

Larvae of the viburnum leaf beetle in early summer can destroy the most part of leaves. Adult beetles damage the fruit and the stalks, with abundant colonization can leave without a crop.

Since September of leaf beetle females lay clumps of yellow-orange, elliptical eggs in a prepared hiding place on young viburnum twigs and peduncles. So laying winter to spring.

In early may, when they begin to blossom buds appear yellow-green larvae of the pest, their bodies covered with black spots and short hairs across the dorsal surface.

Larvae immediately begin to eat the young leaves, leaving behind holes oval or bean-shaped.

Of course, if pests are too many greens can be destroyed by almost all. The development of larvae of the viburnum leaf beetle takes about 30 days, during which time they grow to 12 mm in length.

In June, Mature larvae descend from the bushes into the ground to pupate. In the month of July begin to appear young beetles leaf beetles, they are a light brown coloration and a length of about 6mm.

Hungry pests continue to gnaw the leaves of viburnum, leaving a skeletal leaf shape. They can also eat more green fruits and stems.

Closer to the fall, after mating, the females begin to prepare the space for the laying of eggs, they gnaw indentations on the stems and young branches.

Methods of dealing with the viburnum leaf beetle

First and foremost, carry out preventive work. Cut followed by the destruction of dead branches and dried blossoms, this will significantly reduce the number of pests next year.

To preventive methods of struggle against the viburnum leaf beetle can be attributed to the collection in the summer, adult beetles and larvae. The more serious You react to these events, the more effective they will be.

The viburnum leaf beetle - methods of fighting

As a method of fighting hold fall and spring treatment bushes of various insecticidal preparations: «Aktellik» at the rate of 1.5 ml/l of water, «Fufanon» 1ml/l, «Phosacid» 1.5 ml/l, «Cemitas» 1ml/l «Lightning» 2 ml/l.

Especially the handling of viburnum effective in the period of mass appearance of larvae of the viburnum leaf beetle after pupation and adults.

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