The use of foam concrete in construction

construction of houses of foam blocks

In the construction of buildings are increasingly resorting to the construction of houses made of such material as concrete blocks.

This method allows you to work in tight deadlines, while providing high quality, practicality and aesthetics of the finished structure.

Features foam blocks

The popularity of foam blocks due to their special characteristics. They have a small weight with a rather impressive dimensions. The process of laying is much faster, in addition, require less cost.

Another great advantage of foam concrete is frost resistance, fire resistance, thermal conductivity, sound insulation.

House of foam blocks look elegant and expressive. Use in the construction of foam blocks allows you to add something unusual to the architecture of the house, decorating the facade with Bay Windows and arches.

The material is characterized by a high degree of environmental friendliness. Therefore, increased construction of houses of foam is equivalent to the construction of wooden buildings.

The concrete blocks differ in porous structure, allowing the walls to «breathe». It is an excellent material for building houses, which leaves room for any imagination.

Similar characteristics of the building will provide construction of houses of aerated concrete. Since the construction of houses of foam blocks is possible without the use of special equipment and the installation of the monolithic frame, the cost of construction considerably reduces the cost.

The price of the material is also far lower than traditional brick and wood, but the quality of it is not worse. The low cost is due to the small number of components used in the manufacture of concrete blocks.

High strength material and grows with the years. The stay in these homes is characterized by increased comfort, facilitated insulation of foam blocks.

Due to the porous structure, made possible the conservation of heat and providing comfort in the house. Of course, the tree has similar properties, but the measure of its fire resistance is much lower than that of the foam blocks.

Some owners prefer the construction of houses of foam blocks due to the high sound insulation. This makes the material indispensable for the construction of the building in areas with high noise levels.

As I begin the project of building a house of foam blocks, you must find a suitable construction company that fully embody conceived of the construction of the project by making work professionally to the customer subsequently did not have any claims.

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