The use of composite decking on the dacha

composite Teresa doska

Composite decking (decking) represents a new kind of flooring and is an excellent material for landscaping.

With the advent of this material has disappeared a lot of questions associated with the design of the garden paths and the creation of the decks.

For the production of decking use a natural tree of firm breeds.

In appearance, the deck is similar to conventional flooring. It is presented in separate sections: square or rectangular, consisting of separate wooden planks.

Installation of the composite Board

In the process of assembling sections are bonded to each other and mounted on the supports, specially designed and have a certain height. Mount the partitions can be hard or soft.

For ventilation decking flooring should not be laid on a solid base, for this purpose, adjustable support joists.

To prevent moisture linger on the surface, during installation it is recommended to provide the slope of 1 — 2 degrees.

Also don’t forget to leave gaps at the end of the dock boards, it is necessary for the thermal expansion of the material.

Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations, which must be specified in the installation instructions, then you will not have any problems during the work, no further use.

Decking WPC (wood plastic composite) has gained its popularity owing to the following advantages:- natural and environmentally friendly material;- long lifetime (over 20 years);- the surface of the material does not overheat and keeps you warm even in the evening hours, after sunset;- quick dry;- not affected by corrosion;- resistance to moisture;- high strength;- various colors;- ease of use.

Stacking the Board can be performed directly on concrete screed, wooden logs, to a coating of gravel and sand, heavily compacted soil.

Only properly prepared base can become a guarantor of the quality of the installation of the garden flooring.

As mentioned above, the Board of KDP does not require special care. It is well washed with plain water and to eliminate stubborn dirt can be safely used brush.

To preserve the original appearance of the decking to protect from fading, surface, twice a year, can be treated with oil, specifically designed for such purposes.

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