The use of apricot and contraindications

The use of apricot

To be healthy and full of energy, in the daily menu should include fortified foods.

Fruit in any form helps the body cope with the disease, and is a good preventive measure to strengthen the immune system.

But special attention should be paid to the apricot. It can rightly be called «Royal fruit». This tree held a special place in the garden of the Chinese Emperor.

And in India it is called the «sun fruit that gives eternal youth.» And, indeed, constantly eating fresh or dried fruits, you can greatly extend its life.

Jams, preserves, compotes is also a good tool for therapeutic purposes. The juice of the fruit, for example, is a great tonic for liver.

The use of apricot

Most of the apricot is rich in carotene (provitamin a) and potassium. It consists of carbohydrates, pectin, sugar, acid, starch, inulin and other beneficial compounds.

Nutritional value apricots can be compared with butter or egg yolk.

But for patients who suffer from anemia, 100 g of fruit is equivalent to a quarter of a kilogram of liver.

In addition to stimulation of hematopoiesis apricot still copes with beriberi.

Healthy fruit heart disease and high blood pressure. And is a good «shield» for penetration into the body of radioactive elements.

It is thanks to the presence in the fruit of carotene apricot useful «glasses» to improve vision.

It is recommended to chew the apricot’s a load of crap. It also has a calming effect and coughing.

The pulp from the pulp is applied to areas affected by dermatitis. Apricot mask is recommended for sunburn.

Has its value and the kernel of the apricot «fruit of longevity». Extracted from the essential oil is used in pharmacology for the production of various drugs.

Glycoside amygdalin, which is contained in apricot seeds, protects the body from radiation.

The use of apricot can also be spread through «tears» fruit tree, called a gum containing glucuronic acid, arabinose and glucose.

These components are also used in medicine as an emulsifying and coating agent.

The powder of the dried gum included in the composition of the emulsions for the treatment of respiratory (whooping cough, tracheitis, bronchitis) and nephritis.

Apricot — contraindications


the use of apricot

But, unfortunately, there is a ban on eating the fruit of the apricot.

Due to the high content of sucrose, this fruit is are contraindicated for diabetics.

Especially should refrain from pastilles, marmalade and candies with a filling made of apricot pulp.

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