The timing of grafting fruit trees

Terms of grafting of trees

All garden work carried out, as a rule, from the moment of awakening of nature, that is spring.

But grafting fruit trees – this is the case when the procedure is done at any time of the year.

Just every season requires its own techniques and conditions of growth of sorts.

Grafting fruit trees in the spring

Vaccinations spring is the traditional procedure. It will use any methods of reproduction. But some gardeners prefer cuttings as before (since the autumn), harvest the necessary material for the Scion.

Spring – a loose concept, and not every month of the season is good for vaccination of fruit trees. Whichever method is used, the procedure is carried out until the moment when the trees begin to swell buds.

If the spring with the vaccine did not have time, you can spend a summer procedure. Thus it is necessary constantly «look» for the prepared for the future Privolny material.

But in the summer for each fruit tree grafting their terms. All pravilnoi year period – from the peak of the summer and to the end. Start with pear, planting them in the second decade of July.

Then move to the Apple trees, then to the plums, and then to the cherries. Other fruit is better to plant later.

Grafting fruit trees in the fall

Autumn is not the right time for grafting fruit trees. Is that peaches and apricots prihramyvaya in the first half of September.

Other trees, if you have not been vaccinated in the spring or summer, it is better to leave until next year. But catching up on pruning fruit can in parallel to prepare the cuttings to the vaccine.

Winter vaccination is likely to be a forced procedure. Gardeners use it rarely, because the trees are in the sleep state, and the splicing parts in the time-out period.

All this is more like a preservation of the Scion – «compound atoms» will come only in the spring. The major role is played by the temperature and the duration of the procedure, it should not be below -20C.

In this case grafted material need not only to bind but also to wrap up warm cloth (e.g. a piece of drape from the old coat),

The timing of grafting fruit trees

on top of which is superimposed a dense layer of solid polyethylene or other waterproof material.

During all grafting work of fruit trees, from spring until the beginning of frost, should the trees-rootstocks to create a comfortable environment. The ground around the plants should be dug up, watered and fluffed.

This will enhance the enrichment of the root system with oxygen, which will be a good stimulant for the germination quality of the Scion to padway.

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