The technology of growing potatoes

the technology of growing potatoes

At the correct technology of cultivation of potatoes yield a very good crop, about 1:7 even under unfavorable environment.

And with good varieties, quality care, you can get two times more.

Spring potato tubers prepared for a landing it is necessary to dry in the sun or in natural light during the day.

For planting the potatoes are taken sick, smooth, without damage and not rotten. Seed weight not less than 50 UAH.

Before planting, the tubers should be sprouted, spreading in a bright room in a single layer on the floor.

The soil under cultivation of potatoes should be light, sandy. Potatoes can not be planted in shaded areas, because the bushes are large and tubers are small.

Potatoes planted on the excavated area to a depth of bayonet spade. Before digging in the autumn it is good to make 35 kg of manure per 10 m2 or 200— 300g of ammonium nitrate on the same area. For proper development of tubers need soft, loose soil, hard soil formed are small and deformed tubers.

Good precursors for potatoes root vegetables and cabbage. To plant potatoes on the same place no more than 2 times.

Planting potatoes is at a distance of 60-70 cm between rows and within row: 25 cm planting Depth of potatoes 6-8 cm To warm the soil, you can cover an old, used film.

When growing potatoes, you need to double the tilling and hoeing to kill the weeds appear and destruction of solid soil crust.

Loosening is carried out at a plant height of 15 cm and ridging in 2-3 weeks after that.

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