The technology of growing potatoes from sprouts

potato cultivation

Most vegetable growers-fans and just people who are engaged in the cultivation of potatoes, used to plant potato tubers.

Many already are well-established traditions of planting and treatment methods.

Sometimes you can get a good harvest, but it can lead to frustration and obstacles for this can be many. The main reason for low soil fertility.

At first glance the technology of growing potato tubers easy, but let’s look at a potato tuber.

Potato tuber has several sprouts, and it is believed that the more, the bigger the harvest. Although, this may not happen, and again blame poor soil.

Though the tuber has a few sprouts, in fact they are separate plants that are in the same hole, where it begins a struggle for survival.

Due to the lack of nutrients some potato sprouts die of those that survive have strong develop better, less is worse. Hence the obtained low yield and small potatoes.

For example, in one hole put peppers 5-6 or 6-7 stems of the seedlings of tomatoes and see what grows. Of course, such a proposal can only twist the index finger at his temple.


So why not apply the technology of growing potatoes from sprouts. In this case, each plant will have its own area for development and growth.Sprouted potato shoots to 10 – 15cm. need

potatoes growing sprouts

to put the same scheme as the tubers.

The flow area will be the same, and if the ground is not quite poor and will have good care when growing potatoes, the result should please.

For the experiment, you can try to plant a small plot of potatoes from sprouts, and the rest the normal way and compare.

Normally in this technology of growing potatoes in the hole grows 5-6krupnyh of potato tubers.

By the way 40 years 20veka, in those difficult years used exactly the same technology.

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