The technology of growing beets in the garden at the cottage

growing beets

Beta vulgaris, is a root vegetable, which is grown by almost all gardeners at their dachas, and is used in a wide number of dishes.

This culture is represented by several types, including leaf (chard), sugar, feed and so on.

Like many root vegetables, beets are a biennial plant. In the first summer season grows the root and a rosette of leaves, and the following summer floral arrow.

Likes warmth, light non-acidic soil, and hates excessive damp and cold. As the temperature zastrelitsia.

The store has a good selection of early, middle, late and hybrid varieties.

Technology of beet cultivation

For the experienced gardeners, which is not the first year engaged in the cultivation of beet, the technology is simple.

For beginners we recommend to prepare the ground in autumn, scattered around the garden, manure, humus and percapita of bayonet spade.

This vegetable need fertile land. Spring once again make a deep digging to a depth of approximately 40cm., with the introduction of wood ash (3-4 handfuls on 1.m). Beets also needs calcium Bori, potassium and sodium.

In the early stages of growing beets, you can feed complex fertilizers according to the content of these elements.

This root vegetable can be combined in the same bed with other vegetable crops that have similar requirements to the soil. Beets are great to grow along with the celery, parsley and so on.

Before planting, seeds must be processed in a solution of potassium permanganate. Sowing can be carried out wet or dry seeds.

Please note that some varieties when grown give a few germs. They have to be planted at a distance of 5-6cm apart, and the growth of sit.

Odnorostkovaja kinds of beet sown immediately at a distance of 10 cm please Note when thickening of planting root crops will be fine. Planting takes place on soils to a depth of 2-3cm, light 3-4cm.

After planting for successful cultivation, the soil should be watered until germination to keep it from drying out.

If the weather is not stable, and large variations in day and night temperatures, range better top cover with spunbond.

Beets can go in the arrow, as at low temperatures, and at

technology of beet cultivation

the drying of the soil during extreme heat. Therefore, the weather and the condition of the earth must follow.

If the weather in your region is extremely unstable, it is better to grow beet seedling method in the greenhouse, and then transplanted.

Fertilising can be carried out with infusion from weeds. Due to excessive nitrogen accumulation in sugar beet, manure is not recommended.

The harvest may not be suitable for human consumption. Do not forget to carry out cultivation of plants and timely watering.

Seen if for a week before harvesting, the beets are watered more frequently, in winter it lasts longer.

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