The technique of collecting cedar cones

collecting cedar cones

The technique of collecting and processing of cedar cones is at a low level. Main weapon — Kolot, existing for a hundred years.

V. A. Ivanov wrote: «However, no matter how ancient was craft, his techniques and methods not far removed, but the path of progress.

And if that any of the residents of the taiga zone of Siberia, died 200-300 years ago, suddenly came to life now, he would have been in hunting any innovations, unknown to him.»

With the time these lines were written by Ivanov, 25 years have passed, but in the methods of production and processing cones no significant changes occurred.

«Kolot» consists of a petiole (up to 2 meters in length), which is placed on a chock of wood. Weight stab sometimes up to 82 kg.

Mature lump rests on the tree unsteadily, with a light blow on the trunk of a tree it falls. Often the poachers are collecting immature cones, bringing great harm to a tree in the neighborhood.

Immature lump clings to the tree, repeated heavy blows on the trunk breaks off the top of the tree with winter buds.

In addition, that lost the next year’s crop, the impact is reflected by the cortex of the trunk and the root system is shaken.

One person knocks bumps batters from the tree, the collector collects them in her apron, and then pours in a bag and brought to the camp.

Vymolachivajut bump on the «drum», at least by means of a grater. Grater consists of a Board with the cut on her teeth, and round whitefish. The cone is placed on the Board with teeth and rubbed between her and valcom.

Bump threshed and sifted through a sieve, then sifted manually or on the thresher-winnower. Drying of nuts is done here in the woods, on the so-called «drying».

Dryer is a wooden frame covered with

the collection of pine nuts

iron sheet with a hole in it small holes.

This sheet is filled with a nut. Inside the frame is supported by a small fire. Walnut mixed with a wooden spatula until then, until it dries.

Excessive overheating of the nut during drying leads to loss of its quality. The best dryer is the sun.

In this drying walnut retains all its qualities — cultivation, and taste. After drying, the nuts should be stored in special premises with a well-battered roof. The nut is taken out of the industrial section of deep autumn.

A lump gathered in winter, «will take the walnut with high taste qualities. In years with good harvest, if this year in the taiga was not nutcrackers, bump and harvested in the spring.

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