The successful cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes (tomatoes)

growing seedlings of tomato

The soil under the cultivation of tomato seedlings need to use food and light.

It is not necessary to take the land completely from the garden or purchased soil mix at the store.

It may already be depleted, there are cases when the sale of depleted and contaminated land.

Experience has shown that the mixture under seedlings is better to prepare yourself.

Peat 10kg., 3kg of sand, wood ash 1 kg. and 10kg. from the garden (without larvae, roots, weed seeds). All components must be thoroughly mixed.

Immediately before the incorporation of tomato seeds, they need to hold in solution of potassium permanganate for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and place in 20min. in hot water not exceeding 50 C., after which dry.

All seeds for growing tomato seedlings are ready, you can sow. Learn more about selecting and preparing seeds for sowing can be read by clicking on the link.

Cooked a box or other container, fill approximately 10cm. prepared mixture for growing seedlings of tomato.

To the edge of the walls of the box should remain at least 3-4cm for filling. Seeds are buried to a depth of 2 cm and 1.5 cm between them. Pour and cover with glass or cellophane.

Put in a warm place (23-26C). At this temperature, seedlings should emerge in 7 day. The colder, the longer we will have to wait for the sprouts.

Do not use growth promoters, since there is a strong likelihood that the weak and diseased seeds will also germinate, but a good harvest from them, you will not get.

Follow the seeding depth, beautiful and strong will grow weak and we don’t need.

All varieties sow in different capacities, and sign, otherwise you can forget which is which.

Several types of varieties need to determine what you like best. Especially because some are more suitable for canning and others for different dishes.

In the phase of three leaves, help pick the plants, if grown

growing seedlings of tomato

seedlings of tomato, in separate cups to dive is optional, just as you grow to pour in the ground.

Accordingly, when the planting distance from the edge of the sides leave more. I use peat pots, and the seedlings then planted.

Watering produce carefully under the spine, and not much transfer, it is bad for the development of the root system as a whole.

However, the lack of moisture can cause depression of the plants and deterioration of growth. Floral brush of tomato seedlings is laid after the 6th sheet, at this time you need a good light.

If you raised the plant with a direct and strong trunk, but the leaves are dark green, fine, here you go, this is the best characteristics of the seedlings.

Planted in the garden on a constant growing tomato should be up to the appearance of stems.

Otherwise the plant will be a long time ill, and do not leave it in the sun, it is likely to get a sunburn.

Hardening of seedlings is carried out gradually for a few days, you need to create the penumbra.

Growing seedlings of tomato, keep in mind to plant in the open ground cautiously, with full confidence that frost will be no more, otherwise your work will be lost.

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