The stuffed vegetable with their hands

the stuffed vegetable with their hands

The stuffed vegetable on a modern country in our time, more fun man, who will decorate and enliven the garden than some kind of horror story created to scare birds away.

Therefore, the stuffed vegetable, often found in gardens, decorated in a fun style.

Embodying all sorts of ideas, you can make Scarecrow in the garden with his own hands.

The stuffed vegetable with their hands

For making a Scarecrow you will need old clothes, a long stick, straw, thread and needles, twine, markers and paint.

Clothes for Scarecrow in the garden, you can replace all that you have in the country, will fit any scraps of material from which the paving imagination get to sew any costume for a funny man.

The stuffed vegetable will stay on a long pole with a cross-bar. For this they must be firmly bonded.

This will be the frame for the «body» and «hands» guy. Then, on the upper part of the pole must be attached to the «head» of the bag stuffed with straw.

Draw your new caretaker cheerful, kind face. Then the Scarecrow to decorate. There is a place for a huge variety of your imagination, what’s more, the clothes on the Scarecrow can be changed according to your wishes.

The easiest option of clothing – a shirt stuffed with straw, and tied at the bottom. Inventing the stuffed vegetable with your hands, you can also dress it up with pants, vest, hat. In his hands he must be a broom to scare away the crows.

In the manufacture of Scarecrow in the garden, each family member can participate and offer their ideas.

Plus it’s a wonderful family activities to give. Stuffed will give you a good mood and will unite whole family.

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