The struggle with slugs in the country

slug control

It contributes to the appearance of slugs of warm humid weather.

The eggs overwinter slugs in the soil and the younger generation pests appear at the end of may.

After two months, they turn into adults and begin to multiply.

The day snails sleep and hide under the top layer of the earth, and in the evening and night actively eat plants. Suffer from them almost all vegetable crops.

They are able to eat the middle leaves and all the fruit of the strawberry. So slug control needs to start early in the spring.

In addition to eating crops, these pests reduces the marketability of plants, contaminating them with their selections.

Damaged fruits will soon begin to rot and are not suitable for long winter storage, the crop may be infected with Botrytis, downy mildew etc. on the Slugs themselves carry spores of these fungal diseases.

These pests are carriers of parasitic worms, and dangerous to the health of domestic animals goats, ova, chickens, rabbits.

In any case, cannot be fed to infected plants and the slugs of domesticated animals.

In the spring during the processing of a vegetable garden, you need to more carefully break the earthen clods, it will lead to a sharp reduction in the number of pests, as they are overwintered eggs of molluscs.

Also help reduce slugs by planting earlier. When the majority of pests will begin to develop, plants will get stronger and will not handle them.

The first tool from the appearance of slugs is thinning and hoeing the garden. The less shaded areas, the more difficult to find shelter to these garden pests.

The second method is the creation of special grooves around the landings filled with ash or lime. The cabbage periodically sprayed with a solution of potassium salt (at least 2 times) or sifted wood ash.

Between the bushes of strawberries can be sprinkled with coarse sand – and preserved berries and slugs

slug control

obstacle. Because the sand they do not like to crawl.

You can do for slug traps in the form of raw cloth or cabbage leaves from which to collect and put them in cans of kerosene or salt.

Direct destruction of individuals is also an effective method of pest control.

Plus, the number of these pests can be reduced due to their natural enemies. Hedgehogs feed on slugs, frogs, glass-lizard.

From birds to fight against the slugs will help: magpie, jackdaw, Starling, Wagtail, etc.

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