The structural features of plants and flowers

the structural features of plants

Plants and flowers that florists grow in their homes come from different corners of the planet.

Each species of plant its own peculiarities of structure, they differ in color, form, flowering time.

But the main structure of many flowering plants in common, they are the root, stem, flower, leaf, fruit.

They all perform specific functions.

The structural features of plants

The stem is the main above-ground part of the flower. There are leaves, buds, fruits and flowers.

The stems are herbaceous and ligneous, and location erect, prostrate, twining around the pillars that cling.

If the stem are buds and leaves, it is called escape. Very often for breeding use segments of shoots, in this case, use another name – stalk.

The root system of plants also has its own structure and is divided into several types, the main ones are: rhizome, tuber, bulb, cladode.

The letter colors flow the basic processes of photosynthesis, by which carbohydrates are produced and build the amino acids.

The leaf consists of the petiole, the laminae of some plants the stipules. The leaves can vary in size and shape.

Leaf blade can be flat, needle-like, tubular straight edge, serrated, etc.

The junction of the leaf to the stem called a node, and the distance between nodes the internode.

On the leaves of flowers are veins that are used to move mineral and organic substances.

The coloring of the leaves of different plants are not the same. Flowers of plants are short shoots and are designed for family reproduction, and it consists of the pedicel, receptacle, sepals, petals, pistil, and stamens.

Flowers can be double and simple inflorescence of and single. After contact with the pistil of pollen from the stamens the fruit is formed. Pollen is transferred by insects and wind.

Flowers in contrast to the country, as a rule, pollinated by artificial means. Because of the peculiarities of the structure of plants, the formation of the fetus occurs after fertilization of the ovary, rarely other parts.

Growers cultivate some ornamental plants for its fruit and flowers. In the structure of the fruit also have the feature.

Fruits can be dry such as nuts and juicy berries. For seed propagation of plants are seeds.

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