The stages of construction of wooden houses

wooden house

Thanks to modern technologies of wood processing, at present, there are democratic house prices of wood that are comfortable and reliable homes.

Construction of wooden houses «turnkey» features some distinctive properties.

To build such a house, a phased construction technology.

Ordered the house made of logs here, You will get a wooden house, which will bring You joy and will be a reliable fortress.

The most important stages of building a house «turnkey» from the logs:

  • 1. The first step You should choose the plot on which to build Your home. When choosing a site, pay attention not only to the beauty around, but also other things, for example, it is possible to easily drive up to the house, and similar issues.

Next, you need to articulate Your wishes concerning the structure of the house. The employee You selected construction organizations will assist You in the development of a future home or help you choose a ready-made project available.

You should be careful when choosing a company-Builder, from the experience of its employees depends the future of Your home.

  • 2. The installation of the Foundation, to build a log house for temporary roofing. The durability and stability of Foundation depends on the quality of raw materials used in its manufacture.

Any cement to harden. The processed logs with a perfect cups and grooves easily assembled with each other and have a tight connection. Provided quality fabrication of parts, fitting of logs is not required.

  • 3. Contouring is aimed at the insulation of walls and roof, sealing mibraine space. At this stage grind walls gather black floor.

All the logs in this case are a special substance. Next, cover the roof, install a gutter system. Installation of Windows and doors. Then primed and painted the house outside.

  • 4. The installation of electrical systems, plumbing, sewage, and so on. At this stage it is planned placement of the furniture, the plumbing, the location of the lamps. Further work has been done to sewer, water and so on.
  • 5. Final processing – build stairs, flooring, installation of skirting boards, the bathroom and toilets and so on.

Thanks to the help of experienced professionals, You can design and build Your dream home where you can feel confidently and freely.

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