The sowing of winter wheat in the country

The sowing of winter wheat

Vacationers have little interest in the crops, so the beds is rarely seen in rye, barley or wheat.

On small plots, these crops do not seem rational to sow.

But if the country has enough space, you can master the sowing of winter wheat.

Even if it is not possible to grow wheat, the planting will be a good green manure for other vegetable crops.

Predecessors of wheat

The quality ladder depends on the condition of the land, which will carry out the sowing of winter wheat.

Therefore, the main condition is the choice of the site with the «right» predecessors. These include meadow crops (alfalfa, clover), which are fed to livestock – if planting wheat thinks for a virgin plot.

The cultivated garden beds before planting winter wheat, it is desirable to grow beans, maize, buckwheat, potato with early maturing. A great option is the plantation.

These soils are quite rich in nitrogen, which is essential for normal germination of wheat.

Soil preparation

To prepare the soil for sowing of winter wheat should be based on the «status» of the chosen site. It defines what kind of fertilizers should be added, and when to work the soil.

  • If before sowing seeds of wheat on the plot is something cultivated after harvesting the main crop soil first shelling, then harrowed, trying to achieve fine grains of soil. The later will be seeding, the shallower the depth of plowing is done.


  • Often for winter wheat using «uygulamaya» land – so-called «pairs». The soil is rested enough and rich, so germination should be good. This site is prepared in advance – since the spring homeland, Boronia and making fertilizer. On fallow land sowing of winter begins earlier than after the cultures predecessors. Because seeding will be deeper.


The sowing of wheat

Selected varieties of winter wheat under the pre-zoning process, protecting them from diseases and possible pests. The usual planting depth should be 4-5 cm.

In areas with a fairly dry climate, and too early planting, this parameter is increased to 8 cm in case of late sowing time of seeds in the ground, the maximum depth should be 3 cm.

The scheme of planting of winter wheat usual for the cultivation of grain rows, placed at a distance of 15 cm from each other.

If cultivation is assumed to be fairly intensive, you should perform more tramlines.

The final stage in the sowing of the injection lines, which further ensure more uniform germination of sprouts.

Fertilizer wheat

Soil application of fertilizers also has its own characteristics. The main power is brought into the ground during planting.

  • If the winter wheat crop is on beds «precursors», you are using phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. They are added to the soil in spring after snowmelt. Nitrogen the soil is already enriched by the same culture. The sowing of winter wheat


  • Vapor of nitric and phosphoric fertilizers are brought in the spring, during the digging. When planting the same seeds used potassium components.

Except for early spring fertilizing of winter wheat still needs extra nourishment during the period of pasture of the tube, and during ear formation.

In these phases it is better to apply a full range of fertilizers.

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