The soil for sowing seeds for seedlings

the soil for sowing seeds for seedlings

Preparing the soil for the sowing of seeds for seedlings, it is necessary to consider the taste preferences of the plant.

In other words the soil mix should contain a maximum number of useful minerals for the creation of favorable conditions for development and growth of suburban culture.

The soil for sowing seeds

The soil for sowing the seeds for seedlings should be loose, light, without coarse particles and large lumps. On the other hand, it should not be very small, as if sifted through a sieve.

After watering so the soil mixture is strongly compressed and impedes the access of oxygen, so necessary for the roots.

The soil for sowing seeds it is better to buy in a specialty store as a ready the soil, but if it is not possible to buy it, the mixture can be made independently of turf and leaf soil, coarse sand in the ratio 1:3:2.

Also the acidity of the soil mixture must meet the requirements of the plants. Weak seedlings are very sensitive to deviations from the norm.

A large part of the country cultures like close to neutral pH. Conifers, heathers and some herbaceous: fern, spurge, thrift, cat paw grow in acidic soils.

Another group of crops which include: cotoneaster, campanulaceae, Adonis, helianthemum, baby’s breath, moroznika, backache and so on. prefer alkaline mixture.

Therefore, choosing the soil for planting seedlings, you should pay attention to the benefits of adult plants.

For example, vegetable crops tends to be rocky, dry, poor nutrient mixture, respectively, and for sowing seeds it is necessary to choose the appropriate substrate, moisturize less often, but at the same time, avoiding drying.

But if the vegetable plant likes rich soil with more humus content and humus, and

the soil for sowing seeds for seedlings

seed needs this kind of mixture, only at the initial stage of the growth percentage should be less, and as they grow add more required nutrients for the roots.

If the soil for sowing seeds prepare themselves, view it carefully to avoid the roots of weeds and all sorts of impurities.

Swipe decontamination with water bath. Enough to handle the ferry holding for 2 hours in an oven at a temperature of 250ºs.

Before sowing, the soil mixture, you can throw boiling water or 1% solution of potassium permanganate.

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