The shot-hole disease — control measures

the shot-hole disease

It seems that the garden recently woke up from hibernation and donned their green attire.

But attentive the owner is trying to inspect every twig of stone fruit trees.

And if he spots on leaves characteristic spots, or maybe have numerous holes, no doubt, sounds the alarm.

Most likely, this will be the disease called shot-hole disease or perforated spots.

Help the trees in this case, it is necessary to provide immediately. The disease is caused by a fungus, overwintering in the wounds, the gums, the kidneys.

The shot-hole disease

It affects all aboveground parts of the plant. The rapid spread of fungal spores on wood contribute to the high humidity and temperature.

The incubation period of development, the dispute is only a hundred hours. And the awakening of a spawn is the early spring sun.

Typical signs clearly visible on the leaves. At the beginning of the development of the disease they appear small brown spots. Then it fades, withers and in its place there is a hole with a red border.

The existence of this border is the main difference between the shot-hole disease from other diseases. Stains on the bark indicates a strong spread of the disease.

Later on the bark cracks, and from them is the sticky substance called gum. She stands out from the kidneys, and fruit.

The General condition of trees is poor. Leaves fall prematurely, and affected fruits are misshapen, the flesh growing, they just dry up.

The shot-hole disease — control measures

There are special agro-technical methods in the fight against clasterosporium carpophilum. The first of these is the timely removal of affected twigs and leaves with their obligatory burning.

Preferably the area of the property. Wounds on trees should be carefully cleaned and disinfected with a 1% solution of copper sulfate and obscure garden pitch.

If the disease has damaged many trees in the garden in the fall, they need some time to process 3% solution of Bordeaux fluid. You can dig up the tree trunks.

During vegetation period three times a day is recommended to process the entire tree. With the first treatment before buds do 1% solution of copper sulfate or NITROPHENOL.

The second and third treatment is carried out immediately after flowering. For this purpose, Bordeaux liquid or

The shot-hole disease - control measures

drugs Captain, Phthalan, Hom, Homesin.

In severe cases, use and the fourth spraying, but no later than twenty days before harvest.

The fight against this disease complex. Currently, there are new varieties of stone fruit trees with high resistance to clasterosporium carpophilum. This should be considered when preparing your garden.

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