The seeds of the lawn — the basic rules of planting

the seeds of the lawn

Usually used 2 ways sowing seeds of lawn grass.

You can sow the seeds of the lawn by hand, carefully spreading the whole mass for all phases, and can be mechanically, using a drill.

For different sizes it is advisable to use your method.

For this to work in suburban soda site should be chosen without a windy day and the ground must be completely dry.

Seed lawn better to buy in clear relation to sow the territory. At 1 m to about 45 gr. cereal.

This is a must otherwise your efforts will not go in vain, and instead of a beautiful lawn, after a while you will have a site with obvious voids.

Conversely, when excess amounts of planting material, it may become highly dense plantations, but the soil may become difficult to provide plants with nutrients and the grass will turn yellow and die. In this case, you will have to fertilize more often.

To create a lawn in the garden or near a country house, do not succumb to tempting offers of the stores.

Grass seeds have different qualities and different purposes. With a huge selection of herbs, try to find the most suitable for your conditions.

For a quality selection, you can use the services of specialists.

If you still decided to pick up seeds on their own, follow two rules. First, the seeds should be for your climate conditions.

Second, this is what could be used for lawn grass. The lawn is not just a decoration or addition to the design.

In some cases it needs to tolerate high loads and be resistant to trampling. You should also consider how the territory are going to sow, sun or shade.

In mixtures should be at least four varieties of herbaceous crops.

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