The secrets of growing pumpkins in the country of seedling and without the seedling method

growing pumpkins

Pumpkins are heat — loving, annual plant.

The growing season lasts from 110 to 135 days, but that’s not stopping gardeners to grow it in the country, even in Northern areas of risky agriculture.

To produce a crop, you can use the seedling method or to create insulated buildings.

Can be adapted for growing compost pile.

Pumpkin is afraid of the cold and draughts, can not tolerate shading. Cultivars of this crop are many, but the infield is better to take copies of medium weight (10-12 kg), larger, less tasty.

Growing pumpkins in the garden at the cottage

Special secrets for growing pumpkins in the garden, but there are nuances. The seed for sowing it is better to take a 3-4letney exposure, they have better germination.

At a temperature of +20°C, shoots appear on the 7-8 day. At least +18°C, and later, they are not equal, and long to be sick.

And if the temperature is lower, can not go. The soil should be keep moist especially in dry weather.

Growing pumpkin seedling method


If you grow a pumpkin seedling account method, then you should consider the time of sowing of the seed, as to plant it in open ground only 3 weeks after germination, the street warm weather will be established.

In all regions different, but this is usually the beginning of may — June. Pre-prepared hole to a depth of the peat Cup, which is grown pumpkin seedlings.

Next, add 2st.l. superphosphate, 1 Cup sifted wood ash. If the soil is sandy, add another Cup of peat. The entire mixture stir and pour 5 liters of water.

In the peat Cup with seedlings of the pumpkin carefully cut the wall and put it in the hole. Cuts are made to lateral roots well developed, they are very delicate.

Deepen your capacity don’t just sprinkle the earth without the seal. Again pour the soil over mulch and sawdust or cut grass.

The plant itself can be covered with a cap made of paper or plastic bottle without cap. Let the plant take root, about 7 days, don’t disturb him.

After a week of growing pumpkins, you need to conduct the first feeding.

growing pumpkins

She loves Samson slurry tankers and potassium. Culture to feed 2-3 times per season.

Also around the stem to levy fresh-cut grass, it will retain moisture and give additional feeding pumpkin.

Growing a pumpkin, don’t forget to water (10l. per plant) and loosen the soil around the trunk. The cultivation depth of 3-5cm. the stem of a little hill, so the plant will be more stable and will have additional roots.

Growing pumpkins without seedling method in open ground

Without seedling method of growing pumpkins, planting location is prepared in the fall. In the trench are placed leaves, hay, peat, ash and so on.

To read more about the training in the article on growing cucumbers in the open ground. Spring holes are prepared at a distance of 50cm.

In the hole are planted at a 2 seed. They sprinkled the soil, watering until germination cover film.

With the stairs if weather allows hiding or withdrawn, or transferred to a higher level.

For example, put the arc. This is done in case of a threat of cold weather.

Further, the cultivation of pumpkin seedling and without the seedling method is the same. Harvesting is carried out after drying of the tail, around September.

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