The right location of garden

the right location of garden

The correct location of the vegetable garden and garden in the country is often determined by the location of the buildings (house, bath), topography and shape of the infield, as well as near a source of water.

For aesthetic reasons near the house, it is better to plant a garden with decorative cross in fruit trees and shrubs, which will be a wonderful decoration of the house, creating a highly artistic ensemble.

The garden is located after the garden. This location is very good for vegetable crops that require sufficient light.

The correct vegetable garden it is better to divide into two halves, which on both sides of the middle are planting.

Next, berries are planted with gooseberry, currant and other shrubs. Raspberries in the country to properly place in a corner of the garden or along the fence.

The water tank is better positioned on both edges of the infield, so they do not shade planting in the garden.

Also consider the location of the greenhouse, it also should not be overlooked by any building from the sun.

For ease of digging and cultivation of annual plants are better to plant on one side and years on the other.

In this case, for digging and cultivation becomes possible to use the cultivator or cultivator.

This arrangement backyard and garden in the country in addition to aesthetic considerations, will be convenient for care and maintenance of buildings and planting. The correct location of the vegetable garden the key to a good harvest.

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