The rabbit slaughter and processing of carcasses

the slaughter of rabbits

When reaching the desired body weight, you can carry out the slaughter of rabbits.

Breeders-fans used several methods of slaughter, including » a blow with a stick on the head or edge of the palm, and a blow with a stick on the head, the forehead, the back of the head or the nasal bone.

All of these methods are considered only according to availability, simplicity, and bleeding of the carcass.

The slaughter of rabbits with a stick on the nasal bone. The animal using one hand to hold the ears and the other stick is applied on the nose bridge sharp blow.

When you hit the nape, hold the rabbit with one hand by the hind legs, and when the body stretches, strike.

Then killed the rabbit hung by its hind legs, on two hooks V-shaped slot. This makes the puncture with a thin knife on his paw with a small longitudinal incision between the tibia bone and the tendon.

The second variant is tied by the legs to the bar that they were divorced.

If the bleeding carcass of the rabbit is slow and difficult, you need a knife to remove one eye or cut the nasal septum.


Cutting of rabbit carcasses

Thereafter separated from the carcass front legs at the carpal joints and the ears. It all goes to waste.

Now you can start cutting the carcass of a rabbit, after removing the skin.

For opening an incision on the abdominal wall from the anus to the chest, along the white line.

Remove the urinary and gall bladders, carefully cutting them off with a knife. Then the rectum is separated from the muscles, in the sky, intestine, stomach.

Then heart, liver, lungs, esophagus and trachea, and kidneys. The beheading of a carcass of a rabbit is between the cervical vertebra and the occipital bone. Upon completion of the processing of the meat should be rinsed with clean water, at about 25ºC.

cutting of rabbit carcasses

By-products are also washed and cleaned from adipose tissue and blood.

After slaughter the rabbit, the meat undergoes some changes, so the eating, it must Mature, that is, within a 3 day soak at a temperature of +1- +3 ºc, if the temperature more than 20 ° C, then not more than a day.

Ripened meat is tender and juicy, also better digested. Will not overdo the meat, otherwise it will have a musty smell and sour taste.

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