The properties of carrot tops

The properties of carrot tops

Famous root with a number of useful properties, is the carrot.

Its seeds in Ancient Greece it was used as food, but to grow the carrots succeeded only to the Ancient Romans.

The results of the excavations indicate sufficient of the popularity of the carrot, though she was not then juicy and fine, not like modern.

However, not everyone knows that the carrot tops – this is a fairly valuable part of this vegetable. Due to the presence of healing properties and nutritional value of carrot tops began to human body a good helper.

It is used for cooking in cooking and as a medicine. The carrot tops has a specific odor.

Therefore, it is successfully used cooks, adding a variety of salads and combining with other vegetables. With her participation possible the preparation of various decoctions, add the first and second courses.

The tops as greens, used for table decoration. It stuffed pastry, various cakes, pies, etc.

Useful properties of carrot tops are used for treatment and prevention of various diseases.

It helps to struggle with regular use with such ailments as hemorrhoids, varicose veins (the reduction of the symptoms of the disease).

The carrot tops are considered the enemy of the insomnia, if it is applied to the back of the head. Men can count on her help for prostatitis.

You should regularly make compresses from the top and laying on her stomach on the lower part. With the help of a decoction from a handful of carrot tops and the floor liters of boiled water, infused for one hour, can treat cystitis, using the broth before eating.

Kidney stones will go away if use the recipe, according to which the dried tops of two tablespoons filled with half a liter of boiling water, all of it infused for about 8 hours and used for 8 months in the form of heat 5 times a day before meal 50 grams.

Various studies of the useful properties of carrot tops to prove that it can be used, as well as the carrot, for the treatment of diseases of the eye.

Regularly eating carrot tops, you’re getting rid of myopia and hyperopia. Constantly eating it, you help to significantly improve vision.

Known cases when people refused to wear glasses. The tops need to brew teas and use as an additive in soups.

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