The propagation of junipers from cuttings

the propagation of junipers from cuttings

Junipers not only have decorative properties – they are very useful for ambient air, zoniruya it, and find application in folk medicine.

Therefore, the owners of suburban areas God ordered the plant this culture.

It is most convenient to carry out the reproduction of juniper through cuttings, because seeds can wait for the full sapling have longer.

Harvesting of cuttings of juniper

Harvest cuttings of juniper seedlings is possible, and in the spring (from mid-April throughout the month), and summer (July).

But the spring to take root in the current year, whereas the summer – it is a preparation for the next season.

From the parent plant, the cuttings should be tear so that the end formed a «fifth» with the remainder of the cortex of the adult tree.

The longer this process, the better for rooting. The size of the shaft of the juniper is about 10-15 cm

The lower part of the trunk clear of unnecessary needles of centimeter on 2-3 – they must not touch the ground during landing. Only perform this procedure gently, without damaging the barrel.


Reproduction features of juniper

Prepared cuttings bare barrel immersed in the solution of some growth promoters (e.g., «Kornevin») and kept there for about a day.

During this time, preparing the planting soil, consisting solely of clean river sand. It preliminarily pour over boiling water and washed through sieves.

Having signed the prepared sand in wooden boxes, it is treated with manganese solution (3%).

Processed cuttings are dug into the sand an inch and a half, and compress around their fingers the soil. Boxes with future saplings set somewhere in the shade, draft-free place, and provide sufficient care.

  • The optimum temperature, which should be the reproduction of juniper, +17 — +23 C. If actions are performed in the spring, a need for a temporary greenhouse made of film plastic.
  • There are daily spraying of the cuttings. The soil should not preobrazhatsya.
  • With the advent of heat stable film is removed from the boxes – now came the turn of gauze of the tent. Spraying should be in this case to conduct it through the fabric.

Roots during reproduction of juniper you need to create a good ventilation of air, was saturation of this part of the cutting oxygen.

About this moment you need to take care in advance, making in the bottom and lateral sides of the container a small hole. Boxes with cuttings are mounted on the bricks or on the tank stuffed small strips and legs.

What rooting went successful, will show new shoots on the cuttings.

the propagation of junipers from cuttings

After that, the seedlings are sent to the open ground to the prepared place or transferred to a flower pot and put in greenhouse for transplanting it in the following years.

Proper preparation of cuttings will help to avoid problems when planting juniper and facilitate further care.

Reproduction of juniper – a simple matter, so deal with it and novice grower. The main thing – to observe all these characteristics of growing and to show your pet affection.

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