The potato disease — description and protection measures

Diseases of potato

Pathogens of potatoes to settle not only in tubers but also in soil.

So fighting them involves pre-sowing preparation of land, crop rotation and treatment of planting material with chemicals.

If time does not take the necessary measures, the disease of potato can cause great harm to the crop.

The perpetrators of the diseases that commonly affects potatoes, there are fungi. Such diseases include:

  • cancer is a dangerous fungal disease on the roots and lower portions of the stem formed ugly growths gradually increase. Over time, these formations darken and begin to rot. Once in the soil, the fungus spores can be stored in it for up to 20 years. The disease can spread quickly through the affected tubers, garden tool, rainwater run-off.

Finding patients results, it is necessary to decontaminate them with formalin or bleach, and buried in a deep hole, and it is better to burn.

The infected area should be treated with special agents. Use it for potatoes in the next 3 – 4 years;


  • late blight is a rapidly developing fungal disease; defined by the presence on the tops of dark spots with a whitish bloom. The affected leaves gradually wither and dry up. Through the drying of green crops, which do not get food in sufficient quantity, stop the growth. On a heavily contaminated plot is lost to 60% of the crop.

To combat late blight use Bordeaux liquid, 1% solution which is two to three times per season sprayed potato planting.

One time spraying the young shoots can be carried out prophylactically. Autumn harvested field is recommended to shed the infected area with a solution of copper sulphate;

  • different types of scab disease of potatoes, in which the skins of root vegetables appear raised bumps, flat seals or ulcer. Depending on the kind of scab these formations can be black, brown, silver. Silver scab is particularly evident when storing potatoes in the room with high humidity.

Scab often affects potatoes grown in the area, supersaturated organic fertilizers. One of the activities that prevent scab is to organize the proper storage of the crop.

That is in summer storage must be disinfected, well ventilated and dry. You need to carry out culling and processing of seeds by chemical means, to germinate the tubers in the light.

You should not overdo the application of manures to the soil and to observe the correct proportions, using mineral

Diseases of potato

fertilizer. Gardeners do not forget that infected tubers can grow a healthy and high-quality potatoes. Even in the outwardly healthy and strong roots may be fungi spores.

So from time to time you need to renew planting material. You need to buy varieties that do not perceive the potato disease, which is currently in a wide range are on sale.

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