The planting of fruit trees. Fertilizing and spring pruning

planting fruit trees

Planting fruit trees should be conducted in the spring immediately after the snow melts, and the earth is still in slush.

The distance between the trees and shrubs should not be very large.

Harvest you can actually get more, but after 4-5 years, trees and bushes no longer bear fruit abundantly, exhausting their life force.

But if you plant trees at a distance of 3-4 meters, then the roots will grow deeper, the crown will not be very extensive and the harvest will be average, but constant and prolonged.

The pit is better to prepare three days before planting, and the less fertile layer, the deeper it should be.

The ground should be well mixed with humus (better if it is combined humus: household waste together with manure and humus with grass).

There you can put a weed weeds, or small wood chips. Irrigation water stirred in her a complex granular fertilizers and three days to plant the trees.

To do so, preferably in the evening, because the survival rate of evening landings much better. Can the roots of a tree to dip in a liquid mixture of manure with clay, but not necessarily.

But to keep the root collar of the tree were above ground level for five centimeters is necessary.

If a young tree has a slim trunk, and the wind in your area is strong enough, it is better to dig the pole, the height of which will reach the first branches, and to tie the tree trunk to it.

Then you will protect it from breakage. The hole around the seedling make 15 cm deep, to irrigation water got under the roots of a tree. Trim fruit trees annually suggest.

In the first 5 years, it is necessary for the formation of the crown. Then do the crown pruning by removing diseased, destroyed or withered branches and clean the inside to improve lighting of the tree and improve fruit ripening.

And in old gardens except for thinning of the crown and remove the whole annual increase. Winter-hardy trees should be cut during the winter on days when the temperature 10-12 degrees. Not winter-hardy varieties are pruned only in early spring.

Fertilizing fruit trees is conducted as mineral fertilizers and ash, rotted manure mixed with earth, waste.

For example, I was crushed the bones left from cooking the shells from the eggs used tea leaves and banana peel, mix it all «good» in a homogeneous mixture and buried in a circle at a distance of 1-2 meters from the trunk (depending on the size of the tree and its roots).

And to the trunks tree trunks and community did not dry up in the heat, planted in a circle tight ring of asters, marigolds or Petunia.

The garden looks very beautiful and bright, the trunks do not suffer from drying out, because these flowers are kept inside the circle constant humidity.

And in the fall after the flowers, dug up the remains of the plants and fertilize them tree trunks circles.

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