The plant growth stimulants

Stimulatory growth Roslin

It would seem that all the conditions for the development of plants, and some of them slowed down their growth and have a «faded» look.

The reason for this may be lack of nutrients that the plant receives from the soil.

Not only people need extra nutrition flowers in it also need.

Therefore, during the growing season and for the season of rest house plants you need to feed supplements to stimulate growth.

Classification of growth stimulants

Among the many products for plant care and can get lost – such a diversity of types and forms. But all of them can be classified according to certain characteristics.

The form and concentration

Stimulators of plant growth can be divided into liquid, as well as those that are available in tablets, powders, granules sticks I. Some of them are immersed in the ground, others spread on its surface.

Liquid fertilizers generally have a high concentration of items in them. Such stimulants are necessarily diluted with water in certain ratio (indicated on the package).

The degree of solubility

All fertilizers can be divided into 2 groups: soluble and insoluble in water. First, as mentioned above, include liquid stimulants. Dissolve some powders.

Pellets, sticks, tablets belong to the group of insoluble. They are less popular among gardeners because they have a small radius of action. Liquid fertilizers are more likely to achieve the goal.

Chemical composition

All fertilizers are divided into organic and mineral. The basis of organic matter are natural materials. Mineral fertilizers are well – cultured chemistry.

«Mineral water» is good for feeding soil, it includes nitrogen (nitrate, urea.), phosphorus (precipitate, tomaschek), potassium (alternative – wood ash).

But as a plant growth stimulator is not listed because it does not contain for this in your body of necessary hormones. Organic, though, and slowly affected by and has an unpleasant smell, but is the best means «acceleration».

According to the method of exposure

Some growth promoters «are delivered directly to the root system in the process of watering the plants. Other liquid fertilizer fill the sprayers and sprayed the ground part (stems and leaves).

Natural organics

Many growers rarely use growth stimulators manufacturing. The nature itself gives them a good organic. Those who have their plots of land, often render plants outside and feed them organic, which is used in vegetable gardens and flower beds.

In manure, manure, decomposed waste contains a sufficient amount of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. In the course are bird droppings and tuk-poudret (feces). And in addition they added a vegetable dressing from the infusion of dried nettle (200 g in a bucket of hot water).

Those who are far from communing with nature, it may be advisable to use as top dressing existing funds on hand. For example, tea leaves, potato broth or water after washing roots to is not difficult.

Well, if there is an aquarium, the remains of water plants and waste products are cold-blooded – a good natural fertilizer

Stimulatory growth Roslin

for the growth of plants. So the old water from the aquarium should not pour down the sink and used for watering indoor plants.

Bananas are also a plant growth stimulant

Those for whom you care, need from time to time to indulge. To treat a child a banana, do not forget that on the sills, too, have «family members». It is possible for them to prepare a fruit dressing.

For this they stripped 3 of the banana, fill with chopped peel boiled with water (1 l). Let stand for a few hours and then pour into a 5 litre bucket of water and feed potted plants.

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