The peculiarities of planting seedlings Bulgarian (sweet) pepper

hole - planting of pepper

Pepper loves heat and moisture, so it is better for the cultivation and maintenance are not high greenhouses.

Well, if neighbors are tomatoes, they will protect the peppers from pests.

Aphids can’t stand the smell of tomato.

Can sweet peppers be planted next to cucumbers, but it is in the case, if you have the opportunity every day to follow, and depending on weather conditions to open the cover or close.

Greenhouse temperature should not exceed +35 º C. as high humidity flowers of sweet pepper sterilized and fruits are formed.

Landing Bulgarian (sweet) pepper

Planted in the greenhouse the peppers are recommended after the threat of frost, usually in late may or early June.

You can of course earlier if there is artificial heating, but the temperature in the greenhouse should not fall below +13ºs., and to rise above +35 ° C.

The optimum temperature for good development and growth of bell pepper +22 ° C — +26ºs. In the hot summer the soil should be mulched, overheating the roots die.

Planting pepper starts with soil preparation. This culture loves rotted manure.

The soil in the greenhouse you need to prepare in the fall for this, add the composition of wood ash 500g. and a bucket of manure at 1kV. meter.

Try to keep the proportions, with an excess of manure peppers dropping the ovary. Spring in the garden at the cottage prepared hole, adding in a half Cup of wood ash and water.

Before planting the plants are watered again. When transplanting adhere to certain schemes.

In a single row or staggered order, the main thing to leave between plants not less than 35cm. When planting bell peppers in peat pots, the recess is not carried out, put

planting pepper

the plant, as it is, the ridging is also not carried out.

Instead, as stated above, the soil around the seedlings it is better to mulch with weeds. Height mulch around 7cm.

It will protect from overheating the soil, add nutrients, and reduce the number of weeds around the pepper.

The area around planted pepper is compacted and watered. Near tall plants insert the peg, which tied Bush.

Seedling survives 7 to 10 days. The first week to water the sweet pepper is not necessary. In rooted plants begin to appear on new leaves.

In two weeks you can spend the first feeding of peppers, fertilizer. The preparation and planting of sweet pepper ends, you can begin to care culture.

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