The names of varieties of roses with pictures

The names of varieties of roses

It is impossible to imagine the charm to any area no rose bushes, give not only their beauty, but also the gentle aromas.

Created a wide variety of types and varieties of the Royal flower, so it is sometimes difficult to navigate in their purchase.

It is necessary to consider the names of varieties of rosesthat are included in a particular group, which often klassificeret culture – hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing, groundcover.

Hybrid tea rose varieties

This type of culture include low shrubs, species which appeared due to the crossing of tea and remontant representatives. Its flowers Bush happy twice in a season, with a break of 1 month.

Some bushes of this type can be seen the single buds, in others they unite in clusters reaching a diameter of 10 cm.

Some varieties of roses petals are double, in others smooth. The leaves of tea and everbearing bushes are large and shimmer in different shades.

Among the numerous varieties of this group are the following:

  • varieties of roses Flamingo «Flamingo» pleasing to the eye a delicate pink hue of the large buds. Blooms until late autumn and is a real decoration of any flower beds.


  • varieties of roses - Shopin The sort of «Shopin» is rightly called the elegant Bush. Terry linen bright buds are not afraid of rain and a very long time retain their freshness in a cut.

    sortie of the free - blue Parfum


  • «Blue Perfume» is quite a unique variety. Its Bud, and as blooming, not just changing – it changes its color from deep red to bright crimson. This is probably one of the most resistant varieties, which are not afraid of purple spot disease and powdery mildew.

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The names of varieties of roses – floribunda

This rose shaped flower resembles a hybrid tea varieties. The petals them as smooth or plush, but going in a neat rosette.

Despite the fact that they have no aroma, their appearance, floribunda fascinate everyone. This kind of rose especially appeals to aesthetes.

After a lot of breeding selections, this kind of became a real gift for gardeners. It’s long and profusely blooming bushes, not afraid of cold. Besides don’t require much care.

Floribunda is most often used in landscaping, which contributes to ornamental varieties. They are good in bouquets, long preserving their freshness in a vase.

The following are the names of rose varieties this type with a brief description and photo.

varieties of roses - Nicolo Paganini

  • Among the miniature roses bushes floribunda one of them is sort of «Nicolo Paganini«. Inflorescence large, lush mesmerizing look. The variety is not whimsical and disease resistant. varieties of roses - Lily Marlene


  • Rarely sick and sort of «Lili Marlene«, which often allows the use of roses in the decoration of gardens and parks. The bushes are quite compact and lush blossoms consist of numerous small (up to 7 cm in diameter) flowers. varieties of roses - Gelaksi


  • A very unusual sort of «galaxy«. A low spreading shrub covered with flowers of interesting shapes. Their petals change color from pale yellow in the Bud to creamy-pink in the flower. Particularly revered by gardeners for its high resistance to weather conditions and diseases.

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Names of climbing roses

This rose is the end result of numerous crosses of different varieties – hybrid-tea, floribunda, multiflora, Japanese roses.

This multi-level selection has endowed a floral mix of the best qualities that made climbing roses most demanded in the landscape design.

The decoration of the naked tree trunks, the camouflage of nondescript buildings that create beautiful hedges – all under the power of climbing varieties of roses. Every gardener will find in this group a charming decoration for your yard.

  • sortie of the free - Flammentanz «Flammentanz» reaches 3 meters in height. And even blooms once in a season, but lasted abounds with abundant color. Rich bright red roses belong to the Terry type. Small blossoms have a faint scent, but attracts the sort of beauty Bush and unpretentiousness to the conditions of existence.


  • sortie of the free - iceberg «Iceberg» has rightfully earned its name – on the Bush can be seen gently white charm small buds collected at 6-7 PCs in the inflorescence. Double flowers have a faint aroma and is able to bestow beauty to late autumn.


  • sortie of the free - Compass Though faint smell sorta «, Compass«, but he was very nice. Double flowers are pale pink shade. But to plant shrubs that reach 3 meters, standing alone in a shaded place, the sun, the petals fade, acquiring a pale dirty look.

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Names of ground cover varieties of roses

Combining miniature rose varieties of Japanese climbing received groundcover varieties.

The features of this species include small leaves and creeping shoots. Very pronounced aroma, which was isolated buds.

Perfectly dense green «carpets» with bright splashes of colors in the design of fences, pergolas, houses.

The names of varieties of roses of this type (with photo), which became popular with gardeners below.

  • sortie of the free - Scarlet Bright cherry flowers in the shape of a bowl with plush petals is a sort of «Scarlet«. Despite the fact that the diameter of each flower small (3 cm), but due to the large number of petals (about 50 pieces) Bud is quite dense. And though perfume Bush, very strong, but it is pleasantly unobtrusive.


  • sortie of the free orange Morsdag «Orange Morsdag» does not like great moisture and does not tolerate rainy weather, therefore, susceptible to fungal diseases. But this does not prevent the class to be a favourite among gardeners due to the unusual shape of the flowers. Yes, and the Bush blooms throughout the season, delighting the eye with their «Sunny» flowers.


  • sortie of the free - Svani The sort of «Svans» very beautiful due to its spreading form shoots. Costache white buds with a pinkish core of densely obladaut branches of the Bush and delight their flowering until late autumn. Appropriate for this grade looks at various landscapes and plains, and on hilly slopes.

Describes the varieties of roses is only a small fraction of the total abundance that can be seen in flower beds and gardens. But listed here the colors can already be seen on the diversity of nature’s beauty.

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